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Video: Watch UFC lightweight Natan Levy batter ‘white supremacist supporter’ troll

Sometimes lessons need to be taught the hard way.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight prospect, Natan Levy, wears his heart on his sleeve, representing his Jewish faith. When catching wind of some internet trolls making some disparaging remarks, he wasn’t pleased, to say the least.

“A few days ago, some wimp on Twitter posted a picture of his slim tricep and said, ‘This is what every white nationalist should look like. This is what everybody that follows Nick Fuentes should look like,’” Levy said on his YouTube channel in the video embedded above. “Somebody tagged me and I commented, ‘He’s built like a chopstick. Definitely not a threat.’

“Some guy jumped into the thread named Ben and he said he’s willing to come meet me and defend Nick Fuentes’ honor and come spar with me,” he continued. “I’m like yeah, whatever. No problem, bring the wimp from the picture too, and Nicholas Fuentes, we can all meet, I’ll Venmo you some cash for the gas. To me, that’s another troll talking s—t online.”

Levy noted how he was surprised that the troll, Ben, wound up direct messaging him on Twitter and showed up at his gym, Xtreme Couture, in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for the uneducated social media user, Ben was dealt some punishment in the form of knees and body kicks to the gut before Levy tossed him to the mat to lock on an arm triangle choke and armbar in their sparring time.

Ben apologized to Levy after the beating and admitted he needed to be further educated as Levy’s teammates cheered in the background. This isn’t the first time Xtreme Couture has hosted troll beatdowns and it doesn’t appear it will be the last.

Levy, 31, is currently 8-1 in his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career and rides a two-fight winning streak after unanimous decision wins over Mike Breeden and most recently Genaro Valdez in December 2022.

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