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WATCH: Everything you need to know about the UFC’s new ESPN broadcast deal in 90 seconds

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Got questions regarding the UFC’s new deal to air events on ESPN+ in 2019? We’ve got answers ... fast!

On the morning of Tuesday May 8th, the UFC announced their new broadcast partner as of the start of 2019: ESPN. After decades of being ignored by the premiere cable sports network, the UFC is now being brought in as a ringer of sorts to get you to buy their new streaming service, ESPN+.

According to the UFC’s press release, ESPN+ will feature 15 fight nights a year with the oh so creative event name of ‘UFC on ESPN+.’ Also in the pipe: all the pre- and post-event sportsdesk talking heads you’ve gotten begrudgingly used to during the UFC’s seven years with FOX Sports. You can also expect a ton of hype and highlight programming on ESPN cable channels.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this deal. Want to know more? We’ve created a quick 90 second video giving you all the most important facts you need to know about this deal.