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Donald Trump should forgive Kathy Griffin for decapitating him, according to Chael Sonnen

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight No. 1 contender, Chael Sonnen, has been stumping for Trump ever since “The Donald” announced his run for president of the United States back in 2015.

Drunk on excitement!

Now the Bellator 180 headliner — who knows a thing or two about politics — has some advice for the Commander-in-Chief, who came under attack from alleged comedian and former reality show “star” Kathy Griffin.

Sonnen weigh ins with TMZ:

“I’m a big Trump supporter on a personal level, as well as his presidency. I tried to make a case for Kathy [Griffin]. I watched it over and over and wanted to argue on her behalf, I just couldn’t find it funny. I’m going, ‘man, a decapitated head? Covered in blood?’ Insert anybody in there you want. Democrat, Republican, it could be a family member, an enemy, man we don’t want to see them with their head chopped off covered in blood. I just couldn't find the humor. Kathy quickly tried to pivot off of being a comedian by saying. ‘I’m an artist and this is art’ and that’s a very big stroke. I got from a PR perspective why she did it but Kathy that’s a stretch, you’re not an artist that’s not what you do. You did this to be funny and you missed. You know what a really cool move would be for the president? If he came out and said, ‘I accept your apology.’ It would catch everybody off guard; however, the code amongst men, and by men I just simply mean humans, when somebody apologizes, you accept their apology. Whether it’s hard for you to do it or not, when somebody puts their hand out and says ‘I was wrong and I’m sorry,’ you shake their hand and say, ‘I accept.’”

Sonnen knows a thing or two about apologies.

Griffin posted a video of herself, by way of controversial photographer Tyler Shields, holding the severed, bloody head of Trump. Not surprisingly, the message was met with outrage from ... people who have nothing better to do than go online and be outraged.

CNN promptly fired Griffin from whatever gig she had with the television news network.

Sonnen is convinced the president could go get some fans by giving her a pass, but something tells me the bravado code will “trump” the code amongst men.


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