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Video: Snoop Dogg concert at UFC fighter retreat feat. Dana White

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held a special retreat for its fighters last weekend, to mixed results, and rewarded those in attendance with a special concert by longtime rapper Snoop Dogg.

Just don’t tell this guy.

As you might expect, honorary Dogg Pound member Dana White introduced the hip-hop legend before the festivities got underway. No word yet if money was exchanged hands, like the time this happened.

Snoop has a long history with UFC and its head cheese, recently getting the call to help UFC welterweight Nick Diaz rid his system of marijuana in order to resume a career in mixed martial arts (MMA).

After all, he’s an expert.

No telling what changes will come of this retreat, but there’s no question the top of the food chain was starting to grow weary of the recent headlines (like this one). Perhaps a little more effort from the front office will help turn the ship around.

Or not.

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