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Video: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller chucks his Samsung SmartTV into a pool after Wikileaks report

Nothing beats throwing a TV into a half-filled pool, right?

While a few things probably outweigh such a satisfying act of defiance, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Jason Miller took pride in disposing of his covert boob tube after hearing about the newest Wikileaks report (which insists that the CIA is using Samsung SmartTVs to spy on clueless Americans).

Watch “Mayhem” wreak havoc on his spy machine in the above video clip.

Despite a mixed martial arts (MMA) career that has dug its head deep into the sand, Miller continues to garner attention. His innate ability to create news coincides with his willingness to participate in unique acts that nobody else would even write down on paper.

Sort of like this one.

While anyone and everyone has the right to believe these Wikileaks reports or not, it’s quite entertaining to see a grown man throw his television into a pond-of-a-pool as an act of rebellion. Too bad “Mayhem” couldn’t carry that aggression over into the Octagon.

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