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UFC 245 results: Kamaru Usman breaks Colby Covington’s jaw, stops ‘Chaos’ late

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington faced each other in a Welterweight clash tonight (Sat., Dec. 14, 2019) at UFC 245, which took place inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following a back-and-forth war, Usman finished his foe with strikes.

Covington opened with jabs, scored an inside low kick and body kick. Covington landed another low kick, ate a jab. Covington ripped another body kick. Covington was the more active man early. Usman dug a right jab. Usman landed a left hand, absorbed a body kick. Both men connected on power hooks. Good left hand from Covington, followed by a right hook. Usman landed a good cross. Covington landed a hard left hand and followed up with a flurry. Covington jumped into a hard knee. Usman survived and landed a good knee back. Double jab landed for Covington, as well as the follow up overhand left. Usman dug a low kick, ate a jab and left hand. Usman ripped a hard body shot. Covington landed a 1-2, ate a left. Covington attempted a jump knee, ate a body shot. Hard left hand from Covington found a home on the jaw. Inside low kick from Covington, Usman swung wide on a hook near the bell.

Covington landed an early left to the body, Usman returned the favor. Good left from Usman, followed by a hard jab. Covington doubled up on the jab, ripped the mid-section. Usman landed a good front kick to the belly. Good overhand left connected from Covington, followed by a right hook to the jaw that momentarily stunned his foe. Hard cross from Usman. The two traded hard jabs. Triple jab connected for Covington. Usman ripped a counter combination to the mid-section. Good jabs from the challenger. Covington flowed well, finding a home with his left hand around the guard. Usman ate some jabs, ripped a good body shot. Another body shot from the champion, but Covington answered with some hard right hooks.

Usman landed a good front kick to the mid-section to open the third then landed a knee. The pace slowed a bit. Usman landed a cross. Big right connected from Usman. Covington landed a good jab. Another snappy body kick from Usman. Usman ripped a heavy body hook. Covington landed a right hook counter. Covington took a front kick, landed an overhand. Body shot, jab from Usman. A trio of clean punches connected for Covington, Suddenly, Covington landed a hard high kick that stunned his opponent, but an eye poke stalled the action. Upon the restart, Covington went on the offensive with his jab. Covington ate a good cross at the bell.

Between rounds, Covington told his corner that his jaw was broken.

Usman landed a snap kick and jab early. Covington dug to the body with a kick. Covington landed a hard pair of left hands and went wild, resulting in a crazy exchange. Usman dug a body kick, landed two jabs. Covington jabbed the body. Usman with a straight to the mid-section. Hard right hook to the jaw landed from Covington. Usman with a big counter right. Covington stuck his foe with a left. Overhand scored for Covington. Usman scored to the body. Clean uppercut connected for Covington. Usman landed crosses to the body and head. Covington landed a left high, ate a body shot. Usman scored with another cross. Hard 2-3-2 combination connected for Covington, and he followed up with some chopping low kicks. Good jab from Usman. Another low kick returned from Covington. Head kick landed for Covington. Usman landed to the mid-section. Good left from Covington near the end of the round.

Covington landed the first overhand of the round. Good inside low kick from “Chaos.” Covington landed a good combination. Usman returned to the body with his snap kick. Covington landed a huge left hand. Another left for Covington, followed by a cross-uppercut-cross combo. Usman landed a cross to the mid-section. Good jab from Usman. Covington with a left, Usman blocked a high kick. Usman ripped a body shot. Covington found another overhand left. Usman connected with a big right hand. Usman scored with a jab. Usman landed a left hook to the jaw. Usman landed the first knockdown of the fight with a crisp right hand, quickly followed by the second! Covington latched onto a takedown attempt, but the referee called the bout as Usman landed small shots from the sprawl position.

The referee called it from there, awarding Usman the knockout victory after an incredible fight.

Result: Kamaru Usman defeats Colby Covington via knockout at 4:10 of round five

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