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UFC 245 results: Alexander Volkanovski kicks apart Max Holloway’s leg, wins competitive decision

Max Holloway and Alexander Volkanovski faced each other in a Featherweight clash tonight (Sat., Dec. 14, 2019) at UFC 245, which took place inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. After five hard rounds of kickboxing, Volkanovski was awarded the victory.

Volkanovski began the fight with an inside low kick. Holloway advanced, landed a jab, but ate a low kick. Holloway kicked the calf. Holloway stuck a right hand to the mid-section. Volkanovski landed a low kick and follow up right hand. Holloway scored a check hook. Volkanovski continued to find the lead leg. Holloway’s jab connected well. Holloway absorbed another low kick, landed a hard left hook. Holloway feinted well, looking to draw his foe into counters. Volkanovski shot in fora takedown with about 50 seconds remaining, but his attempt was stuffed. Nothing overly significant landed before the bell.

Volkanovski opened the second with a trio of low kicks. Holloway ripped his opponent’s mid-section. Volkanovski really committed to the low kick, landing another couple. Holloway jabbed on the counter, but reaching with his lead hand was exposing him to the kick. Another hard low kick from Volkanovski. Holloway checked one and landed a right hand, but Volkanovski went right back to digging into the thigh. Holloway grew more aggressive, but the low kicks were taking an effect. Good combination landed for Holloway. Holloway landed a hook-cross from Southpaw. The two traded hooks along the fence. Holloway stung his foe with another good combination of straight punches. Volkanovski landed a couple low kicks near the bell, but Holloway also cracked him with a straight left.

Volkanovski landed a good shifting hook early in the third. Holloway landed a good pull-cross, still feinting well. Volkanovski landed a body kick. Holloway jabbed at his foe with his right hand. Volkanovski landed a good hook over the top. Nice uppercut scored from Holloway, soon followed by a good left cross. Volkanovski countered a stomp kick with a hard right hand. Volkanovski dug to the right leg just as well as the left. Holloway landed a jab, ate a pair of counter shots. Strong jab from Volkanovski scored. Strong intercepting knee from Holloway. “Blessed” stuck his foe with a 1-2 but absorbed a looping hook. Holloway landed a body kick and ate another low kick.

By the end of the third, both of Holloway’s legs were pretty worn.

Holloway landed an early right hook. Volkanovski went back to the lead leg then landed a combination. Hard right hook connected for the Aussie. Volkanovski attempted a double leg takedown, but Holloway denied him. Volkanovski dug the body, ripped a low kick. Holloway answered with a good combination. Double jab landed for Holloway. Volkanovski scored with a right and an inside low kick. Good uppercut scored from Holloway. Holloway went back to pressuring from the Orthodox stance, landing better punches as a result. Holloway dug the body. Holloway absorbed an inside low kick, landed a couple punches. The two began exchanging heavy blows, but Volkanovski got the better of it. Holloway dug a body punch and body kick near the end of the round.

Volkanovski countered an early side kick from his foe with a strong two-piece. The Aussie continued ripping into the inside of the lead leg. Holloway advanced, landed a right hand to the body. Volkanovski circled off, landed a pair of low kicks, absorbed a body shot. Holloway ate a right hand, dug two to the body. Holloway landed a good double jab-cross, ate a low kick. Holloway went to the body with a nice round kick. Volkanovski stormed back with a low kick and left hook. Holloway denied a takedown, threatened a guillotine briefly. Holloway took another low kick, landed a body shot. “The Great” attempted a takedown, but again, Holloway’s defense held up. Volkanovski ripped a body shot and crashed into his foe with an elbow. Holloway dug into the body to answer, but Volkanovski landed another right hand. Another takedown attempt from Volkanovski was denied. Holloway landed a good body kick at the end of a combination. Holloway advanced behind the jab more heavily in the final minute, but he wasn’t able to land anything too dramatic.

After 25 very competitive minutes, the judges awarded Alexander Volkanovski the decision victory. Both men had their moments, but Volkanovski threw and landed more than the volume king — hard to argue that!

Result: Alexander Volkanovski defeats Max Holloway via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 50-45)

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