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Jorge Masvidal unmasks the man writing Colby Covington’s smacktalk

Years and years ago, two young fighters named Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington scraped and scrapped their way through the lean years of their MMA careers, becoming the closest of friends in the process. It was to the point where Covington regularly referred to Masvidal as his best friend.

But then Covington adopted a troll persona to gain attention. At first Masvidal supported his friend but somewhere in the past year that began to change. Covington’s statements became more outlandish and offensive. They started to include smack dished out against fellow gym members at American Top Team. When Covington picked Khabib Nurmagomedov over teammate Dustin Poirier, that was it: the bromance was over. And from there things quickly turned sour.

Nowadays Jorge Masvidal talks like Colby Covington is one turn down the wrong street away from an ass whupping. Covington has adopted a whole schtick attacking “Journeyman Jorge.” They legit seem to hate eachother, which makes me a bit sad. Isn’t the real fortune the friends we made along the way?

Even if it is, it doesn’t chane the fact that Masvidal hate hate hates Covington now. With Colby fighting at UFC 245 for the welterweight title, Jorge is slinging some heat just out of spite or something. And it’s some pretty cutting biz.

According to Masvidal, Colby’s “Chaos” persona is co-created by a third party named John Harnett.

What’s true? What’s false? Who knows, but the hate is definitely real.

Covington faces Kamaru Usman for the 170 pound strap this Saturday at UFC 245. Make sure to tune into MMA Mania for all the results and highlights.

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