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Dan Hardy issues lengthy apology to Johnny Walker for UFC 244 taunting claims

Johnny Walker recently called out former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight title challenger-turned broadcaster, Dan Hardy, for what he felt were unwarranted claims of taunting.

Indeed, Hardy stated that prior to walking out to the cage to fight, Walker taunted Corey Anderson in the tunnel, stating repeatedly he was going to knock him out. According to Anderson, however, it wasn’t Walker doing the chirping, but rather a fan who was standing beside the towering Brazilian.

Now, “The Outlaw” is taking the opportunity to apologize to Johnny.

To Johnny Walker, and anyone else that was upset with the comments I made regarding the taunting backstage. After seeing the tension between the two fighters before they walked out, the reaction from Corey after the fight, as well as a conversation with members of the corner team, it was my understanding that mind games had been played. If I am incorrect, then I apologize. I didn’t say it as a negative characteristic of Johnny’s, but a part of the game, and the story around the fight. Those of you that remember me as a fighter will know that I loved a bit of trash-talking.In the unique atmosphere backstage, there was ample opportunity for fighters to interact before walking out. I was under the impression that something had taken place. It wasn’t my intention to pass on incorrect information. I’m sure Johnny isn’t the kind of fighter to taunt his opponents, and (I) apologize for giving you that impression.

And that’s that.

Corey eventually knocked Walker out in the very first round, snapping the Brazilian bomber’s nine-fight winning streak, ending his chances at a potential title fight against Jon Jones.

Anderson, meanwhile, will also have to wait a bit longer for his chance to break “Bones,” as Dominick Reyes will likely be the next man to get his chance at dethroning the longtime Light Heavyweight king.

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