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Schaub: ‘Dominated’ Nate Diaz got ‘f—ked up’ at UFC 244, saved by doctor’s stoppage

I have bad news for all the crybaby Nate Diaz fans who think the Stockton slapper was going to have a miraculous turnaround in the fourth or fifth round of his UFC 244 main event against Jorge Masvidal last weekend in New York, despite having a face that landed somewhere between Marty Casella and Mason Verger.

He wasn’t.

That’s according to former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, who now has his own traveling podcast for reasons not quite understood. “Big Brown” insists Diaz was getting destroyed before the doctor stepped in to prevent what could have been another two rounds of brain-scrambling punishment (sample it here).

“I didn’t give a fuck,” Schaub said. “That’s the best-case scenario for Nate, he was getting fucked up. His corner never would, I was like, ‘I wonder if they’ll throw in the towel, this keeps going this way? He’s having zero success, this is getting bad.’ I was to the point where I was like, these 10-8 rounds, not that competitive ... that doctor’s stoppage did him a favor. It wasn’t a competitive fight. It was the most dominated Nate Diaz has ever been.”

Diaz (20-12) has only been to the fifth round twice in his career and lost both times, so I’m not sure why the Stockton apologists are carrying on with that “late surge” narrative. In addition, Masvidal won the second round by a score of 10-8 in the second stanza and didn’t appear to be fading in any way.

I guess we should also point out how the cuts that ended the fight were caused by clean strikes and not an accidental headbutt or some other unintentional mishap. Not that anyone who watched that fight is anti-Diaz, but how about we give some credit to Masvidal for being “BMF” enough to cause that sort of damage.

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