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Jorge Masvidal doesn’t believe ‘f--king midget’ McGregor really wants to fight him

UFC 244 has come and gone and Jorge Masvidal has emerged from the fracas with the Baddest Motherf**ker belt firmly wrapped around his waist, if not the undisputed bragging rights due to his fight with Nate Diaz ending by cut. And while Masvidal made it clear that a rematch with the younger Diaz brother would definitely happen sooner or later, there’s a lot of big money fights out there for him to consider, and “Gamebred” isn’t willing to wait for any one man.

That definitely includes Conor McGregor, whose rumored return in January still sounds very much up in the air. When asked about McGregor, Masvidal expressed doubt the former champ was even coming back. But if he did and wanted that three-piece....

”Come back to what? What do you mean, like fighting in the cage? I dunno man,” Masvidal said during the post fight press conference as he methodically worked his way through some pizza. “That dude has been talking wild for what, a second? If he fights and gets a victory and wants this? And some of you motherf**kers are mean because you know what the f**k I’ll do to that little dude, bro. I’ll f**k that little guy up, man. He’s a f**king midget.”

”Dana White, president of this motherf**king company, said I’m too much man for him. I get it why people want to see him hurt for all the stunts he’s pulling. But he don’t want this s**t. He’s just talking so he can get his name out there. He was cheering for Nate, he wanted to run it back with Nate. You think he’s at home seeing that fight saying ‘I want to fight that dude?’ That dude ain’t retarded. You see, he punches old people in the face because those are the fights he could win.”

”He don’t want this s**t,” Masvidal concluded. “You know he doesn’t want this s**t. Dana and them might try and promote it, I don’t even think Dana’ll promote that fight because you can’t get the dude to sign that paper.”

Masvidal may have the right of it. Typically after a big fight, McGregor is out on social media barking up the winner. Sunday morning he finally got around to commenting on the UFC 244 and focused his response on Nate Diaz’s cut.

And really, McGregor shouldn’t be fighting Masvidal, who is a legit 170 pound fighter. McGregor did his best work at featherweight and hasn’t managed to consistently translate his knockout power at lightweight. A move up to welterweight against anyone else other than another puffed up lightweight like Nate Diaz just isn’t a good idea. No matter how big your balls.

UPDATE: McGregor has made a new tweet referencing Masvidal:

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