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UFC 244 results: Jorge Masvidal dices up Nate Diaz, earns BMF title via doctor stoppage

Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz faced each other in a Welterweight clash for the BMF title tonight (Sat., Nov. w, 2019) at UFC 244, which took place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. In a dominant showing, Masvidal forced a doctor stoppage following the third round (HIGHLIGHTS).

Diaz opened by lunging forward with a 1-2. Masvidal kicked the inside of the leg, and Diaz grabbed the clinch. Masvidal landed a hard elbow and knee in the clinch, which set up a big flurry and high kick from “Gamebred!” Diaz hit the mat, and Masvidal followed up with some hard punches from top position. Masvidal patiently picked his shots from above the guard, but Diaz was no longer in danger of being finished. Hard body kick from Masvidal when the two returned to their feet. Masvidal struck Diaz again with a hard elbow before breaking away. Diaz returned fire and hit Masvidal with a hard pair of punches. Masvidal ripped a body kick and three punches. Diaz landed a good couple punches before the end of the round.

Masvidal stuck Diaz early with a couple hard straight shots as his foe advanced. Good body kick landed from Masvidal. Masvidal’s jab connected, but he absorbed a cross. Masvidal cracked Diaz with a right hand. Big overhand from Masvidal wobbled the knees of Diaz, and a body kick sent him to the mat again. Diaz jabbed the body, ate an overhand left. Masvidal stuck another hard cross. Diaz punched the leg in the clinch. Masvidal scored a serious combination on the break of the clinch, including some really punishing body shots. Diaz backed away, but Masvidal cracked him with another overhand and some follow up punches. Masvidal slammed Diaz to the mat from the clinch and started punching from turtle position. Diaz attempted a heel hook near the bell.

Diaz opened the third with a good right hook. DIaz dug to the body as well. Masvidal stuck his foe with a jab. Huge right hand connected for Masvidal, and he followed it up with another hard body kick. Diaz landed a good combination, but Masvidal punished him with yet another body kick. Hard left hook connected for Masvidal, reminiscent of the Darren Till knockout punch. Diaz landed a right, ate tow counters for his trouble. The two traded in the center and both men landed, but Masvidal finished with a ripping body kick. Big overhand connected for Masvidal. Left hook to the body landed hard for Masvidal. Diaz grabbed a clinch and jammed Masvidal into the fence. “Gamebred” spun his foe into the fence, where Diaz pecked at his foe with small punches. Diaz attempted a throw and fell to his back, prompting Masvidal to land some hard shots. Diaz landed some decent shots from his back, but Masvidal answered big before the bell.

After the round, the doctor called a stop to the bout due to the serious lacerations around Diaz’s face. It wasn’t the ending that people wanted, but Diaz’s face was definitely in rough shape from the first 15 minutes. Meanwhile, controversy or no, Masvidal thoroughly dominated his foe through three rounds.

Result: Jorge Masvidal defeats Nate Diaz via doctor stoppage at 5:00 of round three

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