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UFC 244 results: Darren Till splits Kelvin Gastelum in methodical victory

Darren Till and Kelvin Gastelum faced each other in a Middleweight clash tonight (Sat., Nov. 2, 2019) at UFC 244, which took place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. Following a back-and-forth fight, Darren Till was awarded the split-decision win.

Gastelum jumped into a 1-2 to open the fight, but Till grabbed onto the clinch to nullify the early attack. Hard low kick landed for Till. Once again, Till used the clinch to stop Gastelum’s jump forward, landing a small elbow. Gastelum looked to level change into a takedown, but it was denied. Gastelum landed a hard body shot before the two separated. Till chopped the leg again. Good left hand scored from Till. Till scored another left kick, grabbed the clinch, and landed a quick shot on the break. Till countered a low kick with another clean left hand, ending a solid round on a strong note.

Gastelum opened the second round with a good low kick. Till scored with a quick 1-2. Gastelum lunged with a combination but came up short. Gastelum stuck the body. One more low kick from Till landed clean, and he followed it up with a left hand. Gastelum landed a clean elbow in the clinch, but an eye poke halted the action. Till returned to the low kick upon restart. Gastelum ripped a hard low kick as well. Another good low kick from Gastelum. One more. Another. Neither man connected with many punches in the second half of the round, but Gastelum did finish with yet another low kick.

Gastelum continued chopping the leg into the third. Till caught a kick and countered with an elbow. Gastelum timed a double leg well, but it was stuffed. Big left hand connected for Till. Gastelum landed a left on the break. Hard jab scored for Gastelum. Spinning elbow scored for the Englishman. Quick low kick scored for Till. Low kick landed for Gastelum. Till caught another low kick, briefly turned it into a takedown. Gastelum landed a glancing left hand. Clean jab landed for Till, who followed it up with a knee. Gastelum ripped the mid-section well. Gastelum scored a very brief takedown. Hard low kick and body shot landed for Gastelum. Till gets taken down very briefly again, landed a 1-2 to end a very close round and fight.

Result: Darren Till defeats Kelvin Gastelum via split-decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30)

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