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UFC 244 results: Derrick Lewis bloodies Blagoy Ivanov, wins split-decision

Blagoi Ivanov and Derrick Lewis faced each other in a Heavyweight clash tonight (Sat., Nov. w, 2019) at UFC 244, which took place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. In a more patient performance than usual, Lewis scored a decision victory.

Lewis opened the bout with a couple kicks that came up short. Lewis’ next kick was caught, resulting in a takedown for Ivanov. In side control, Ivanov trapped an arm in something of a crucifix position. When Ivanov attempted an Americana submission, Lewis scrambled up instantly, releasing a massive series of punches. Ivanov was wobbled, but he recovered and grabbed the clinch. Lewis scored a brief takedown. Ivanov landed a hard knee to the belly. Lewis returned with a hard elbow along the fence. Ivanov attempted a toss, ducked an overhand. Ivanov stuck the mid-section with a cross.

Lewis began the second round with a low kick, but he ate an overhand left. Ivanov landed another left than pushed into the clinch. The two traded low kicks. A big right hand connected for Lewis, prompting “The Black Beast” to release a massive flurry. Ivanov stayed composed, however, grabbing the clinch and landing a second takedown. Immediately, Ivanov began cranking on an American, but Lewis was able to survive. When Lewis popped back up, he landed big, bloodying his foe. Ivanov pushed his foe into the fence with a clinch, where he landed a hard knee and some uppercuts. Another right hand from Lewis hurt his opponent. Hard 1-2 landed for Ivanov. Ivanov tossed his foe to the mat with a trip. On the mat, he immediately attempted a guillotine choke, but the bell interrupted his attempt.

Ivanov pressured to open the third. A body shot landed for the Bulgarian. Good right hand landed for Lewis. Ivanov landed a left, crashed into the clinch. Very slow-paced final round. Good left hand landed for Ivanov, who slipped a massive uppercut. Lewis attempted a takedown and fell to his knees, prompting Ivanov to attempt a front choke. When Lewis slipped out, he again charged forward with punches, but little came of his flurry. Back in the clinch, Ivanov landed an uppercut but ate a knee. Lewis flurried hard to end the round, but neither man landed anything too serious.

Result: Derrick Lewis defeats Blagoy Ivanov via split-decision (29-28, 30-27, 28-29)

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