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NSAC chief puts UFC 229 brawl blame on Khabib and McGregor management teams

While the finger-pointing for the now-infamous UFC 229 brawl between members of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s and Conor McGregor’s camps has been aimed at just about every direction, Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is bringing in a few new players.

According to NSAC chief Bob Bennett, had Ali Abdelaziz and Audie Attar — managers for Khabib and Conor, respectively — taken the advice and instructions he gave both camps prior to the event, everything would be peachy at the moment.

“You should know that the Nevada State Athletic Commission made a concerted effort on two independent occasions to speak with both managers of both fighters and tell them, ‘Listen, we don’t want any problems during the ceremonial weigh-in and at the end of the fight. I specifically spoke with them,” Bennett told MMAjunkie.

“We didn’t want to be in a position that we’re in today had they would have managed their fighters in a professional manner. Unfortunately, they didn’t take heed to my comments, and that’s why we’re here today.”

In his view, Attar stands firm in his stance that the on that should be punished for the melee is “The Eagle” for leaping the Octagon in an attempt to get at Conor’s training partner shortly after submitting “Notorious.”

“We respect the commission and the work they are doing. Our belief is that once they finish their investigation, the commission will conclude that this situation was caused by the dangerous and unprofessional actions of Khabib and that they will discipline Khabib accordingly,” he said in a statement to MMA Junkie.

Both Khabib and Conor were suspended indefinitely at the conclusion of today’s (Weds., Oct. 24, 2018) hearing in “Sin City,” as they await another session with the athletic governing body, which is set for December 10.

The good news for Khabib, however, is that NSAC decided to pay him half of his purse for the fight after they initially withheld his entire $2 million payday for his part in the scuffle. The other $1 million is being withheld until further notice.

According to NSAC, had it been able to review all of the video footage of the brawl sooner, Conor would’ve also had his purse withheld.

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