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Stipe Miocic was the better fighter at UFC 226, insists Daniel Cormier owes him heavyweight rematch

It’s been a rough winter in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as many other places in the United States. That’s why road crews have been laying salt almost every day, except for where Stipe Miocic lives, because the former UFC heavyweight champion is so damn salty about his loss to Daniel Cormier, the roads remains clear.

Sure, Miocic was knocked out in the first round of their UFC 226 headliner last July, but the full-time firefighter believes his reign as the promotion’s longest-running heavyweight champion should entitle him to an immediate rematch.

Cyborg feels his pain.

“It wasn’t like he was wiping the floor with me,” Miocic said. “I just knew I was the better fighter in there. And let me tell you something, next time it happens, next time we fight, you’ll see a different fighter. A whole new me. A lot has changed. If the roles were reversed, I’d do the same. I’d give him the shot back. I wouldn’t sit around and say, ‘No no, we’re good, I’m gonna fight someone else.’ No, man.”

This cash grab fight may have changed his tune.

Since knocking out Miocic at UFC 226, Cormier defended his belt against Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 while waiting for Brock Lesnar to finish his mandatory drug testing. The idea is that “DC” will battle the pro wrestling import later this year, then ride off into the sunset as one of the greatest of all time.

Unless UFC can convince him to do this.

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