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Watch ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry take a needle in the nose and not even flinch

We wouldn’t watch this video unless you’re down with seeing some really nasty medical stuff.

UFC 226: Felder v Perry Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

“Platinum” Mike Perry is obviously one tough dude, but if you needed more evidence of that fact you can check out this gross Instagram video posted by the man himself following his UFC 226 win over Paul Felder.

Perry showed impressive restraint and picked Felder apart across three rounds, cutting “The Irish Dragon” and drenching him in blood. That doesn’t mean Perry got out of the fight unscathed. He suffered two particularly nasty cuts along the bridge of his nose that required some attention from better doctors than Paul Felder got. Watch Perry take some seriously deep and gross jabs to the bridge of his nose without even blinking:

Perry is now 5-3 in the UFC (12-3 overall), and his win over Felder snaps a two fight losing skid that saw him take his training to the famed Team JacksonWink in New Mexico. What we witnessed was just two months of work, and the difference between the winner we saw against Felder and the guy who dropped his previous fight to Max Griffin was already clear.

You’ve also got to love Perry’s reaction to winning at UFC 226 overall. Dude’s obviously loving this journey.

You shine on, you crazy platinum bastard.

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