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Paul Felder spent hours waiting for stitches after UFC 226 loss

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“This hospital sucks.”

UFC 226: Felder v Perry Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

With all the hubbub surrounding Daniel Cormier’s impressive destruction of Stipe Miocic and the Brock Lesnar mania that followed, a lot of great fighters from UFC 226 have found themselves not getting the attention they deserve.

This level of being overlooked apparently extends out past web coverage into the real world, where Paul Felder spent way too long in a Las Vegas hospital waiting to be stitched up following his loss to “Platinum” Mike Perry. Felder shared this bloody photo at 2:23AM EST, roughly three hours after his fight ended:

In the past, the UFC has had doctors on hand to stitch fighters up backstage. Is this another example of new owners William Morris Endeavor cutting corners to save a few bucks, or a situation where Felder was simply rushed to the hospital because of his potentially broken arm? Whatever the case, it sucks that he had to spend so long sitting around not getting medical attention. We bet Paul didn’t even get any damn stickers in the end, either!