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Dana White explains everything behind that Cormier vs. Lesnar showdown at UFC 226

Want to know what was behind all that heat between Cormier and Lesnar? Dana White has the inside scoop.

UFC 226 was a great card from start to finish (except, of course, that one fight which shall not be named). And as if seeing Daniel Cormier become the new Champ Champ wasn’t enough, we then got to see him flex his pro wrestling muscles and call Brock Lesnar into the cage, where a scuffle broke out.

At the post-fight press conference, Dana White confirmed Brock “wanted the winner” and the two would definitely face off sometime soon.

”Yeah, we’re definitely going to make that fight,” he said before explaining how Lesnar came to be ringside for the event. “So Lesnar hit me up a couple of days ago and says ‘Sorry I went dark on you but I had some I had to take care of and I’m going to come to the fights this weekend.’ ‘Okay, see you Saturday.’”

”He came here tonight, he was all fired up if you couldn’t tell. Right when he got to my seat on the side he was acting like a lunatic, he was all fired up and excited for this fight. His gut told him Stipe, because he felt Cormier put too much weight on for this fight, he thought it was going to affect him. And ... it didn’t.”

According to White, the animosity between Lesnar and Cormier stems from their time as amateur wrestlers.

”So they’ve known each other a long time from the wrestling thing, and they talk a lot of s**t to each other about wrestling and who would have won in wrestling and who would have done this and that,” White said. You can ask Cormier about it, but there is a thing with those two, who would win ... now they’re going to find out.”

As for when the fight would happen, White didn’t have an answer. He didn’t even sound like he’d have an answer in a week or two weeks from now.

”I don’t know right now,” he said. “We have this night tonight, we have July 28th, and then we can really start working on this end of the year stuff, September, October, November, December.”

There’s also the issue of USADA regulations which will force Lesnar to spend six months under active testing before he can step back in the cage.

”So the process has started, they started the process last week,” White revealed. “I don’t know where they are in the process but he’s going to pop up on the board here soon, Monday or Tuesday, I don’t know where in the process he is.”

As for that near brawl we witnessed and what White told Lesnar?

”I said ‘Calm down, relax, stop. We get it, there’s going to be a fight. Calm down.’” he said. “They were both ... did you see DC push me up against the cage? I’m too old for this s**t, you can’t be doing this for me. They were all fired up, everybody in there was crazy. And then Cormier’s little guy is running over pushing Brock. I’m like ‘This is about to turn into a s**t show that the commission is not going to like.”

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