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Watch some of the weed-fueled madness from Sean O’Malley’s UFC 222 afterparty

Here’s footage of Sean blazing up after injuring his leg in his UFC 222 fight. Hey, the stuff’s medicinal!

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

If you thought a potentially fractured bone was going to stop Sean O’Malley from hitting up his own afterparty, you don’t know “Sugar” Sean.

O’Malley had a breakout performance at UFC 222, hitting Andre Soukhamthath with punches and kicks from all angles until one of said kicks to the head messed up his leg. He spent the second half of round 3 off his back or on one foot, but still managed to earn the victory.

He wasn’t even able to get up off his back to be interviewed by Joe Rogan after the fight, so they did it on the canvas with doctors splinting his injured limb. He was rushed to the hospital afterwards, but still managed to party it up later with his crew.

About halfway through that video you can see a golden glove spliff similar to what the Diaz Brothers smoked in another crazy pot fueled video. We assume it’s full of O’Malley’s custom marijuana strain, which he was debuting in celebration of his UFC 222 fight. If he keeps this up, he might even horn in on Nick and Nate and their reputation as the biggest stoners in MMA.

What can we say, “Sugar” Sean is a promising prospect!

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