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Frankie Edgar’s coach shares a statement regarding their UFC 222 loss

Here’s long time coach Mark Henry on Frankie Edgar’s heartbreaking loss to Brian Ortega.

UFC 205: Ultimate Media Day Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Frankie Edgar did everyone a big solid when he decided to stay on the UFC 222 card and fight Brian Ortega instead of waiting for his title shot against Max Holloway. That choice blew up in his face when Ortega uppercutted him to the canvas, finishing Edgar for the first time in his career. With that loss went his title shot. Now it belongs to Ortega, and it sounds like it’s going down at UFC 226.

Conor McGregor and Max Holloway have already reached out to share their admiration for Edgar, and now his long time coach Mark Henry is doing the same on Instagram.

“You’re beyond blessed in your life if you’ve had the privilege to meet one great person in your life,” Henry wrote. “I’m talking about someone who impacts just thousands around him and changes and impacts your life for the better. It’s been an absolute miracle in my almost 50 years to have had two of these amazing men in my life. My father in law Pino and my little brother Frankie Edgar.”

”Even though I’m a lot older than Frankie, he has taught me way more lessons in life than I could have ever taught him. Besides being an incredible son, brother, father, husband, friend, general, mentor, champion, teammate and example to millions, I can’t thank him enough for being the most incredible example to my son for the past 13 years. So hard in these times to find a great role model for your kids these days and I’ve been blessed beyond belief to have had this man be an example to what is dearest to me.”

”Forget this fight stuff,” Henry finished. “There’s way bigger things in life and it’s a GUARANTEE we will be back stronger than ever! Congratulations to Brian Ortega and his amazing team. Brian’s awesome example to kids. Thanks so much to everyone for always giving love and respect to our champ.”

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