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Mackenzie Dern had a translator for her UFC 222 post-fight interview because nothing makes sense any more

You’ve heard the debate over her accent. Now ask why she had a translator in the cage with her after her UFC 222 win.

UFC 222: Yoder v Dern Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

To say people are hyped about the arrival of BJJ world champ Mackenzie Dern would be an understatement. This past week you couldn’t surf the net without being inundated with ‘next Rousey’ talk. But there was also another quirky story that also followed Dern into the cage at UFC 222, and that was the subject of her accent.

Dern is from Phoenix, Arizona. She grew up and attended school there. But once she moved down to Brazil to concentrate on her jiu jitsu career, her speech developed that Portuguese lilt we’re all so familiar with in mixed martial arts. Was Mackenzie faking it??? Or are we all looking too much into why a woman surrounded by Portuguese speakers would develop a Portuguese accent?

Dern herself has said Portuguese is her primary language and she thinks and dreams in that language, not English. Maybe that’s why the UFC went ahead and sent former fighter Jorge Gurgel into the cage after her win at UFC 222 as a translator for Dern. To say the internet was perplexed would be an understatement:

Hey, at least they stopped bothering to translate Joe’s questions after Dern responded in English. But if you were hoping the Internet would stop focusing on Dern’s supposedly shifty level of Brazilian-ness after her first UFC win, kiss that dream goodbye. We eagerly look forward to the inevitable Tommy Toe Hold parody.

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