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Video: Here’s what Yoel Romero said to Luke Rockhold during UFC 221 post-fight kiss off

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Featured in the latest “Thrill & Agony” preview

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender, Yoel Romero, raised a few eyebrows for his public display of affection last weekend in Perth, Australia, in the wake of his UFC 221 victory over Luke Rockhold.

Especially with former division champion Michael Bisping, who took umbrage with “Soldier of God” for trying to make out with a fighter who was still on rubber legs after getting punched into next month (see it again here). So what did Romero tell his conquered foe?

“And don’t forget, I love you. I love you, brother.”

Not sure he feels the same way for “The Count,” judging by the way he treats the British flag, but I’m speculating, of course. Romero is expected to move on to fight Robert Whittaker for the middleweight strap this summer while Rockhold heads back to the drawing board (or perhaps the light heavyweight division).

Check out the rest of the “Thrill & Agony” moments from UFC 221 in the embedded video above.