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Watch Tai Tuivasa drink beer from a shoe after his massive UFC 221 knockout win

Australian heavyweight Tai Tuivasa just gave the world an education on ‘shoeys.’


We’ve seen some pretty strange post-fight victory celebrations from UFC fighters, but Australian Tai Tuivasa really took things to another level when he drank a whole beer out of a random fan’s shoe after knocking out Cyril Asker at UFC 221. Apparently that’s called a ‘Shoey’ in Australia, and the fact that it has a name means it happens way more than it should.

Watch that grossness right here:

”It’s just an everyday thing in Australia,” he told Megan Olivi backstage after the win. “That was a reasonable, fairly lower kind of shoey. Usually you get someone to spit in it, everybody spits in it and then you obviously skull it. So ... welcome to Australia.”

”Usually you get somebody’s work boot, that was a pretty new shoe, so that was all right. That was easy.”

Tuivasa joked about the moment during the post-fight press conference, saying “I should have got 50k just for the shoey.”

Unfortunately, his relentless beating of Asker was overlooked for a performance bonus, with the KO bonus being handed to Israel “The Stylebender” Adesanya instead. We sure liked what we saw, though...

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