Edwards: UFC ‘trying to hold me back’ from welterweight title — ‘They’re trying to get me beat’


UFC welterweight contender Leon Edwards, currently ranked No. 3 at 170 pounds, has captured nine straight wins dating back to his decision loss to Kamaru Usman in late 2015, along with one “No Contest,” but can’t seem to score a division title shot because the promotion is trying to hold him back.

That’s according to “Rocky,” who in turn will refuse to lose.

“It’s been six years since my last loss,” Edwards told MMA Fighting. “Colby (Covington) got beat by the champion, fought Woodley, the fight ended by injury, sat out for over a year and got a title shot. But when I go on and get 10 fights in a row, now, ‘He needs one more.’ Every time, it’s one more. I think they’re trying to get me beat, but I cannot lose. I truly believe that I will be the next world champion. They’re trying to hold me back from it, but it’s coming. I truly believe it.”

Covington rematches welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 268 in November.

Those tired “division integrity” and “beat someone relevant” arguments don’t really hold up when you consider UFC previously awarded title shots to fighters coming off losses, like Nick Diaz and Yoel Romero, just to name a few. Like most things in life, opportunity is proportionate to popularity, so Edwards may have little choice but to play ball.

“I thought it was a sport where if you go out and beat and compete and win, you get your shot,” Edwards continued. “But if that’s what I have to do to get my shot is to go take pictures and selfies and be pally-pally to everyone, then I don’t know.”

Or maybe he can just become a raging asshole and trash everyone from UFC President Dana White to longtime rival Jorge Masvidal, which seemed to work wonders for this mouthy contender.

“Gilbert (Burns) does nothing for my career at this point,” Edwards said. “He just got knocked out and cried like a baby in the Octagon. And then went and humped [Stephen] ‘Wonderboy’ [Thompson] for three rounds. Only way I compete now is Masvidal, because of the history we’ve got and the backstory.”


Don't ever let these mother fuckers tell you you ain't shit

I completely agree

He is shit.

Edwards really needs to look at who he has beat and who he has turned down in the last 6 years

Lippo, are all the English whiny duds like this guy?

Mas it is then……

Leon Edwards Big cry baby

didnt he just say no to masvidal?

Now he’s the only one he’ll take? Dafuq. Mas told him to keep his name out his mouf.

I don't think he said no to Masvidal... he even says in the article that at this point it's the only fight he wants beside a title shot

He’s been chasing that Masvidal fight for almost 3 years now.

nah. he said no.


"My next fight will be for the world title I don’t want to hear nothing about a guy coming off 2 fight skid and Got ko his last fight"

Leon longfingers, 9/15/21

But in this article he's saying '' Only way I compete now is Masvidal, because of the history we’ve got and the backstory. "

So which one is it? o.o

I guess time will tell us. Because Masvidal vs Edwards is the only logical matchup IMO to make next for both of them

hence my initial post.

Dafuq indeed.

People change their minds,

especially when options become a case of diminishing returns

He can want to fight Mas…..

AND not want to hear about him. Both over-rated and a tier below Colby and Usman.

In other news he also said hell fight MAS this year and MAS wants only around january.
And he doesnt want to wait.
Maybe theyre just all over the place. i dont even know anymore.

Same lol

It's a math thing, and I'm just the right guy to talk to about that.

See 12 months = 1 year.
12 months is also a dozen.
Come end of December, 12 months will have expired.
But the dozen will not expire for 1 reason: bakers.
The bakers dozen is 13, so that puts the expiration date at the end of January.

The answers are always hiding in plain sight fellas.

this is just one example of why most people dont care for Leon

"I thought it was a sport where if you go out and beat and compete and win, you get your shot,"

He seriously had these thoughts in 2021?

It's 2021?

We made it out of 2020?

Bro he beat no one

Díaz ?
Who else ?

All the guys he beat are lightweight and he fights every three years

Don’t talk about bella Muhammad cause he cheated

Okay I'll play and give you an appropriate answer, after you answer this:

Who did Cobly beat?

Why, what did it do to him?

Didn't get hard when he was looking at himself in the mirror

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