UFC 264 press conference highlights: Conor McGregor threatens interviewer over Barack Obama jab

Dustin Poirier wasn’t the only one verbally jousting with Conor McGregor at the UFC 264 pre-fight press conference (watch it here).

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, joined Poirier and McGregor for Thursday’s press conference ahead of UFC 264, taking place inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, this weekend (Sat., July 10, 2021) and streaming online via ESPN+ pay-per-view (PPV).

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During the presser (highlight video above), someone asked McGregor why anyone should believe the outcome of UFC 264 will be different than UFC 257, considering that McGregor has one win inside the Octagon since Barack Obama stepped down as U.S. President. McGregor laid into the individual, the latter of whom refused to back down.

Poirier sat back and watched the show with a cheeky grin:

“You have one won fight since Barack Obama was President,” the interviewer said.

“Shut your mouth or I’ll go down [there] and smash your nose in,” McGregor retorted. “I’ll smash your nose in you little rat, you little rat. Someone smack him!”

The bold questioner continued, “This man [Poirier] sent you to a place where time doesn’t exist six months ago. We want to know why anyone should expect anything different on Saturday?”

“It’s one more fight I won than your little sissy ass!” McGregor bit back.

You can watch all the highlights from the UFC 264 pre-fight press conference using the embedded YouTube player above.

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A reporter acting like a tough guy, while hiding behind his media badge, is worse than a keyboard warrior.

Someone should have slapped him on cue.

I'm confused.

He asked a question.
There may have been a twinge in his tone, but I didn’t think he was puffing his proverbial chest.

Am I wrong?
(It wouldn’t be the first time)

I find no problem with it

But that’s because I’m over the Conor show. Not sure how I feel about question askers taking subtle digs at the fighters though. He didnt just ask the questions, he threw shade in there too – part of me feels they should be as neutral as possible with their questions.

i agree with you

but he wasnt wrong. The Eddie Alvarez win was in Nov of 2016! Thats fucked

He was obviously trying to wind Conor up. And you cant see that? He should have handled it better though. Thats not really what reporters are supposed to do.

Like the other media personalities there right?

He should have just kissed Conor’s ass like those guys did instead of stating a fact. Right?

What are you guys talking about lol

It’s not about throwing shade or kissing ass, both are unprofessional. Check the fat guy who always asks the questions first, neutral, simply asks questions people might be interested in. The pink suit guy was obviously taking a dig at Conor with a gotcha question.

It was a fact. Not a gotcha question.

Did you watch the presser?

Every conference was verbal fellatio to Conor once again.

It's McGregor's Immature Response that Was Out of Line

What the questioner said was true. It was a tough question. Instead of answering it, Mcgregor responded with insults and threats. It showed he didn’t have any answer for "Why will this time be different?"

Because he knows it's true

And it hurt him more than calf kicks.

yeah I would have preferred he hadn't done that

Yes, conor acts like an asshole, but you kinda want the fight to happen between the two fighters.

The journalist using his position to attack a fighter’s mentality is not really cool and could even affect the fighter and so the outcome of the fight.

While it’s nice to see an asshole get some come-uppance, please just not right before the fight.

The journalist asked him

a honest question. And it’s a fact. McGregor has just won 1 fight since Obama left office.

no shit

Does not change a word of what I said. I’d rather the fight were limited to the two fighters.

If you liked that he asked, good for you. Like I said, I kinda enjoyed it too, but not just before the fight.

This is a press conference

So you have to prepare for tough questions. And his question was "why should anyone expect anything different this time around".
That question was given to Francis Ngannou leading up to UFC 260 too.

that ain't all he said though

"This man [Poirier] sent you to a place where time doesn’t exist six months ago."

The Obama stuff was cool, a bit dickish, but its Conor so eh, whatever. Just don’t think interviewers trying to be snide or witty shouldnt become a staple of these things, theyll get into cringe contests of who can be more witty. No thanks

I’m not questioning whether what he said is true

I said he was taking a shot at Conor. He could have asked

"What is going to be different this time?"

No need for the Obama and place where time doesn’t exist and so on, obviously trying to fuck with Conor.
The guy is a reporter, ask the question, don’t fuck with people.


I think we’re on the same page duck

Missing in the states for over a decade

is actual journalism and not self serving soft ball bullshit questions.

How come the same isnt said about reporters who take the same tone with football players?

Damn, your butt hurt man !!!

Hahaha, this is one of the dumbest comments I've ever seen on this site, congrats!

The Reporter

I believe is Josh Cohen from ESPN radio in South Florida. He hosts a daily afternoon show with DIn Thomas—who, not only used be in the UFC, can be seen on "Looking For a Fight" and coaches at American Top Team (down here where Dustin trains).

Qawnuhr really has played himself.

Just reruns.
He’s like Gilligan’s Island.
We’ve seen all the episodes countless times and we know what to expect.

Someone found Conor's trigger

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