Ronda Rousey defends McGregor’s post-loss tirade: ‘Already promoting the next fight!’

Conor McGregor showed up for UFC 264 with a pretty massive chip on his shoulder. Maybe it was part of an attempt to throw his opponent Dustin Poirier off his game. Maybe it was an effort to pump up pay-per-view (PPV) sales. It certainly didn’t get under Poirier’s skin enough to affect the fight, and who knows how it affected PPV sales.

One thing it did for sure, though, was leave a lot of people pretty disgusted with McGregor and his antics. A large part of Conor’s “strategy” involved sleazy comments about Dustin’s wife Jolie Poirier. That continued even past the fight, with a defeated McGregor — lying on the canvas with his leg broken — screaming at Poirier that his wife was a “hoe” and that he’d kill him.

Not a good look, as far as most people were concerned. But for Ronda Rousey — who knows more than a little bit about playing the villain — it was amazing.

The former UFC women’s Bantamweight champion hopped on social media Sunday evening to support McGregor after the loss and compliment him on his post-fight interview.

“I’m amazed that as soon as you hit the ground you were already promoting the next fight,” Rousey wrote. “I def wouldn’t have had the mind to do that. The other fighters, UFC and media are lucky to have you.”

It’s an interesting take from a woman who switched from UFC champion to WWE superstar. In the world of professional wrestling, it’s understood that you either go face or heel, and no one judges a heel for being too much of an asshole because hey, that’s their job. But in combat sports, playing the heel is going to get you a lot of legit hate.

No matter how many times we’re told Colby Covington’s schtick is an act, we all still hate his guts. And few people are going to forgive Conor for going after the family members of fighters, even if he’s just doing it to pump up sales which makes more money for everyone.

What do you think, Maniacs? Was this just a next level heel job from McGregor, who was thinking ahead to fight No. 4 with his foot hanging broken off his leg? Or is Conor just a dirtbag, as Dustin Poirier declared as McGregor screamed at him and his wife in defeat?

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Now he has Rousey backing him

Final nail in the coffin?

Will Conor have to start wearing the Crypto t shirt like everyone else now?

WWE is looking for new talent for mixed tag team action

As they say: One man’s coffin is other man’s opportunity!

Promo wasn’t the intent

It was more the sore loser path, which ronda knows all too much about. Why did Conor just lay there? Could he not have been attended to and taken out of the octagon a little quicker? His choice to stay? That was one of the weirdest moments in UFC history IMO.

Was crazy when the cut man and team came in and started working on him and didn’t notice him screaming his leg was broken.

Not weird at all taking time with a broken leg

If moved too quickly or improperly there’s a risk of arterial and or nerve damage.

The medical staff knew what they were doing.

You might want to read his post again

He’s not talk about the medical staff, rather his team and cut man tried to start preparing him for the next round without realizing his leg was broke

We all know Herb Dean was off last night

Off last night? Just last night.

Yes herb was wearing the black Air Force ones again


Nope. He was mad, embarrassed, and emotional. He had some poor choice of words, but it's hard to think at such a heightened state.

And all of us can talk all the shit that we want, but any one of us would have acted similarly if put in the same position.

We would have told our opponents wife that she’s a Ho?

Naw man. Probably wouldn’t have

Not specifically that, but being a sore loser, yes.

You're something else.

Do you SMASH your controler playing Fortnight?

I bet you do.

Who the hell still uses a controller?

Keyboard and mouse FTW

Speak for yourself

I'd be too busy trying not to be a bitch on camera.

That was a psychopath/fighter/businessman showing his true colors.

I do respect the dude’s dedication

He’s just talking shit

Hard to get under poirier’s skin so he keeps pushing

Poirier got under mcg’s hairline easy enough though:)

I enjoyed the fights. Ending sucked. But whatever. Poirier deserves the win

We see sore losers all the time in mma

But this was a bit much even for the saltiest of them.

I agree

when ones ego controlled their life instead of ones self controlling their ego.

Hes a piece of shit who couldnt handle the loss so he lashed out like a child. Thats all

Don't recall Silva or Weidman acting like that.

Conor is just a narcissistic asshole…. and he can kiss Dustin’s whole one.

well, both those guys were doing alright in their fight

no real action prior to the break. Conor got ass whooped and then a break so the ego took a much much bigger hit

Well, Weidman didn't have enough of a fight to do well in

It was the first strike he threw lol

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