Despite speedy recovery, Chris Weidman still at risk of losing his leg — ‘That would mean amputation’

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Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is going to the gym on a regular basis, hitting pads and working out with his teammates. When he’s not working up a sweat on the mats, the “All American” is out playing 18 holes of golf.

Not bad for a guy with a broken leg.

Weidman, who snapped his leg completely in half by kicking Uriah Hall at the UFC 261 pay-per-view (PPV) event back in April, Still has metal rods holding him together and is working toward getting the blood supply back to his injured leg.

If not, bad things will happen.

“There’s still a lot of things I’m going to have to deal with,” Weidman told MMA Fighting. “Like even taking out that piece of bone that’s floating in there, that’s the most minimal thing I’m thinking about but it’s something. The blood supply coming back to my leg completely is the big thing — I’m not even worried about it but that would be the biggest issue. That would mean amputation. So let’s just keep praying that I get full blood supply back.”

It’s a road Weidman, 37, has been down before.

“That’s exactly what happened to my thumb,” Weidman continued. I have a hip bone that’s in this thumb right here because bone did deteriorate and blood supply did not come back after I fought Kelvin Gastelum. The tibia bone it’s the most likely bone not to take and to have issues getting blood supply coming back after breaking it. I figured I kicked it as hard as I can and I know I kick hard so it’s a very traumatic fracture. That being said, I think I’m good. The doctor said he thinks there is some healing going on in there and there’s some rebuilding of bone so that’s a very good sign.”

Weidman (15-6) plans to make a full recovery and find his way back to mixed martial arts (MMA) in late 2022, following in the footsteps of fighters like Anderson Silva and Corey Hill, who suffered similar leg injuries, though it’s a decision that could be out of his control.

“I’m trying to control everything I can control on my own,” Weidman said. “That’s all I can do and stay positive. Keep praying. That’s really all I can do. I’m eating healthy now, I’m on this new diet. A diet that really fights against inflammation, I guess an anti-inflammation diet is the best way to explain it. I’m up on my leg like my doctor told me to so I’m doing everything I possibly can. We’ll see what happens.”

Weidman is just 2-5 since losing his 185-pound title to Luke Rockhold back in late 2015.


Well, wouldn't have to worry about breaking it again.

I’d say that’s a leg up on the competition.

Make the cut to welterweight easier

Retire from fighting makes the most sense.

Enough with the shinanegans

This is serious stuff

He'll be fine.


Thank you. Haymaker’s missing a step <img src="//" alt=":wink:" class="emoji">

Please retire Chris, please

Last thing this guy needs is to recover from this, come back and get his brain scrambled again or worse yet, catch another awful injury like this. Not worth it man. I was never a Weidman fan, as he beat my heroes Lyoto and Andy, but his career has been so sad lately that I genuinely feel bad for the guy. Why not just go into commentary or start your own gym? Seems like it would be better to ride off into the sunset on your own terms than to be viciously knocked into it.

because he's still not convinced

a guy like Chris needs someone to put such a savage beating on him that he never wants to even think about MMA again. Reyes did that at 205, but Chris needs that to happen at 185 to erase all doubt. Too tough for his own good

I really don’t like The Chris, but still I don’t wish that to any fighter. I hope he recovers fully. He seems to have the right mentality and doing the right things. About his career, if he decides to come back, the "silver lining" is kicks were never a strong part of his "game" and if he can avoid leg kicks, it shouldn’t take additional damage.

That being said, while I’d understand his competitive drive and not want to retire on such a note AND bad streak, he really has to look to things in perspective and think about the future (Cause fighters don’t retire at 60-65) so he’ll probably have a long time to live after he’s done. He should wonder if he wants to spend all this time with a hurting or missing leg, not being able to play with his kids the way he wants in some cases, taking possibly (more) brain damage etc… I strongly believe that since USADA has come in, he is no longer the same. But no matter the reason, he is not the same he once was and others have really caught up, or even surpass him. Getting older and his body getting crippled like that won’t make things any easier for him. So I don’t see him doing very well or even just better than in his last fights if he comes back anyway. Unless he goes against subpar opponents, but then would it really be satisfying for him and more than leaving right now?

That’s ridiculous. He’s never failed a test or had any rumors about dialing a test.

If anything Weidman’s physique looks better.

He was never the same after he threw a spinning back kick against Luke Rockhold and Rockhold beat him like a piss boy.

That being the first time he was ever defeated, and not just defeated, but thoroughly destroyed, coupled with the fact that he was facing the next generation of fighters, makes more sense for his decline than previous steroid use

Crazy how weidman broke his leg and it had to be a black guy

what a very strange sequence of words you've strung together there

I know, right, even I'm befuddled!


Only if we could delete comments

"I figured I kicked it as hard as I can and I know I kick hard so it’s a very traumatic fracture" , subtle brag what a goof.

Weidman needs a intervention if he seriously considering fighting again. His family needs to sit him down and say you are done.

I dont care if he can come back and fight. He needs to retire. At age 37 he has nothing else to prove and nothing else to gain IMO.

What’s it like to be a communist?

Settle down Chris, tell your mind to stop with the negative waves...

…every medical experience can result in tragedy but often does not.

Dudes have stroked out for good on the treadmill during routine stress tests but that’s not the norm.

You will almost certainly make a full recovery, if your mind allows it!

Peace and Blood.

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