Jan Blachowicz reacts to Jiri Prochazka’s title shot-worthy win at UFC Vegas 25

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

The Light Heavyweight division has a new contender for the belt, and current champion Jan Blachowicz is ready for it.

Former RIZIN champion Jiri Prochazka has made quite the mark on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since his first fight with the promotion in July 2020 — a knockout win over Volkan Oezdemir. Last night at UFC Vegas 25, he showed that finish was no fluke, busting up former contender Dominick Reyes’ face badly and then knocking him unconscious with a ridiculous double elbow attack (watch the highlights here).

The Czech fighter was promised a title shot if he defeated Reyes, and we can’t imagine that impressive finish would result in anything else. This sets up a battle between neighboring countries: Czech Republic and Poland.

“Hey Jiri,” Blachowicz wrote on Twitter after the impressive win. “Me vs you in Cieszyn. Polish Prince vs Czech Samurai. Sword vs. katana.”

Cieszyn is a town literally split in two along the Czech / Polish border and while there’s no way a fight this size can be held there, wouldn’t a press conference right on the border line be cool?

The only thing standing in the way of this bout that has the potential for a lot of European attention? Glover Teixiera, who has been waiting patiently for his 205-pound title shot since a Nov. 2020 win over Thiago Santos. While not officially announced, that scrap is looking like it will go down on Sept. 4, 2021.

That leaves “Jirka” in a bit of a lurch for at least eight months. Who knows, maybe he’s just crazy enough to accept another fight in the meantime. He alluded to enjoying the journey during his post-fight interview and felt like his rise in UFC was almost going too fast. But with his wild kill or be killed style, we think it’d be smarter for him to wait.

For selfish reasons, let’s hope he chooses the stupid option.

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I don't know Jiri sits for that long... especially if there's an injury layoff

This is a great fight either way

If I was Prochazka's management, I'd suggest another fight (or even two!) before jumping to Jan, but at least one.

You know how it goes, a guy has a superb performance against a top dog and then there’s a rush to get a title shot signed and sealed. It might be more prudent not to rush things. The title’s not going anywhere. Get some more data, a tune, and then calmly step up for war.

Peace and Blood.

Just the one fight needed


Battle in the Balkans


Neither Czech Republic nor Poland are in the Balkans, close but they’re central Europe.

You think Rakic could make it a boring fight with jiri like he did with Santos?

I've only seen Jiri's two fights in the UFC.

It’s hard to imagine he’s capable of being in a boring fight. Especially with how easily he seemed to get up after being taken down by Reyes.

We also didn't think Francis could be in a boring fight.

Why must you remind us of such things.

But that was PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stipe Destruction)

You're right. I apologize.

Shouldn’t have brought that up.

No problem. It's water over the bridge.

Proper metaphor

Is a turd down the toilet

I thought Santos was exciting too before the Rakic fight.

Santos gets like half a pass from me

Since he blew his knees to pieces against Jon, I can understand why he’s not the fighter he once was.

PTKD (Post-Traumatic Knee Destruction) x 2

From me too.

That guy will always be a fucking stud to me. How the fuck he managed to remain STANDING, let alone FIGHTING is absolutely beyond me!

I’ve done both my knees, separate times, and went down like sack of spuds both times.

Its always great to get new parts

You just gotta make sure you oil them up properly

I'm 43. My specialist told me I was looking at knee replacements 12 years ago.

Well fuck that!!!

Don't think so. Jiri's got his knees and he's always coming forward.

Thiago fought like an explosive man who lost his explosion, he looked tentative and unsure. His problem in the Rakic fight was a physical one that turned into a mental lack of confidence to go for it. I think Jiri will stay in Rakic’s face and beat his distance control by being unreleting. He clearly doesn’t care about taking counters, he trusts his chin and his power and his confidence are sky high. He’ll make Rakic fight. Rakic doesn’t possess some out of this world footwork and stamina to stay on the outside forever.

That would be a great fight then!

If you’re right.

So say we all

Hate it when fights turn into no-fights because one guy just wants to get the scores.

That was exactly Jiri's response back to the suggestion of a title shot

Gotta love the guy’s attitude and humbleness. Rakic makes sense for a title eliminator.

Just watched prochazka post fight interview. He’s a character

I like his attitude. He sounds ruthless and obsessed with his fighting skill. Ya he needs a few more fights before a championship fight though. Build him up he has the charisma to be a star if he continues with these crazy knockouts

Jan’s days are numbered.

He might get past Glover. But that’s it.

He just murked adesanya but yea what ever you say bud

Did u see how many times jiri got punched clean on the jaw? U can be like that vs jan or glover or thiago. This guy is fun and all but id put 100 on glover to whoop this tekno viking wannabe

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