Derrick Lewis looks ‘fat’ standing next to Ngannou — ‘F*ck Francis, eat some Popeyes’

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

You might think UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis hates Francis Ngannou because “The Black Beast” already defeated “The Predator,” and yet Ngannou is the one who is holding the promotion’s 265-pound strap.

Not exactly.

Lewis can’t stand his fellow UFC heavyweight because Ngannou is stacked and jacked, so when they pose for pictures, Lewis looks “fat” in comparison. That’s why the Texan — previously embroiled in a Popeyes controversy with this ex-champ — wants the Cameroonian to eat some fried chicken.

“He makes me look fat when I stand next to him so fuck him,” Lewis said last weekend in Houston (via MMA Junkie). “Fuck Francis. And eat some Popeyes.”

The wanton disrespect for KFC among UFC heavyweights is appalling.

Lewis, winner of four straight with two knockouts, is expected to rematch Ngannou with the 265-pound strap on the line — thanks to the immovable Jon Jones — at some point in mid-to-late summer, though nothing is official at this time.


The good thing about this rematch is...

we already know it’s going to be better than their first "fight"! It literally just can not be worse!

Setting yourself up for disappointment

I don’t trust you, how can it be worse? This time will be 2 total strikes thrown?

From my memory

Shamrock v taktarov didn’t even throw 1 and it was a 45 minute fight without rounds

That’s my memory though and it’s often wrong

It’s silly to have the opinion "things can’t be worse" things can always be worse

How could it be any worse? Instead of fighting, they’re gonna buddy up to each other in the middle of the cage by eating fried chicken together?

That sounds better than the first fight

Yeah, that might be the case indeed.

You should watch this DL interview from 262, pure gold as always

But that was his analysis as well, can’t be any worse.

I don’t like Francis because he’s got hair on his head, fuck him. I don’t like Francis because I look fat when I stand next to him, fuck him. Who should play him in a film about his life, John Travolta because he’s bald. Who should play Francis? Leslie Jones. Who should play Dana? Bruce Jenner.

Hahaha as soon as I read the part with Bruce Jenner playing Dana White, you know then it was Lewis talking there. It was either him or vintage "Rampage" Jackson.

Popeyes is overrated

KFC has the better sandwich, better gravy and better chicken


the voice of reason

What fucken lunatic not only prefers KFC but admits it publicly

Yeah no shit... they’ve got Popeye’s on the mash potatoes w/gravy & that’s it

The wanton disrespect for KFC among UFC heavyweights is appalling.

I’d actually be disappointed in guys like Lewis & DC if they were KFC guys

im not an advocate for one chain or the other but

mash potatoes and gravy is possibly the worst thing kfc will sell you. for my money the cole slaw and biscuits are the staples of kfc

Potato salad from kfc is decent

KFC tenders are better. The only dog shit thing kfc does is that nasty popcorn chicken. I don’t know why anyone eats that.

Biscuits are filth no matter where you get them, salty scones.

hmm.. this debate has made me highly curious

what state do you reside in my man? I will say that kfc biscuits are damn good in the south. ive done abit of traveling and once you go above the Mason-Dixon line, its impossible to find good biscuits n gravy and that goes for all restaurants/cafes up north. if you find a decent batch of gravy anywhere up north, its likely from someones house that was originally from the south.

I live in the uk but I’ve visited overseas

We don’t get biscuits here and with good reason. They’re bland stodge. I was so excited to finally get one when I came over there then was instantly disappointed(I was in the north). I don’t get the hooplah

Our only biscuits here are what you’d call cookies

oh brother im disheartened to hear that

sounds like Pillsbury canned biscuits are far better than anything you have been served up and passed off as a biscuit.
buddy I can get you a detailed recipe, if you are interested let me know and I will get back to you on it. not alot of ingredients its just the nuance to it. it might take afew batches to get it right..or you might nail it the first time. but I assure you, once youve had a real biscuit, theres no turning back.

if you have details I'd be interested

Same experience with biscuits as Don. Visited the US, first was confused why the fuck you’d have a biscuit with dinner – realised not talking the same biscuits. Tried one and thought hmm stale scones, not my bag but each to their own.

Only visited Vegas and NY though.

I ran out of time to add this but a real biscuit

is light, fluffy bread, and its fukn delicious.

It wouldn’t be if I tried to cook one

lmao you could be selling yourself short my man

If you're down south, are you familiar with Bojangles????

Now THATS some damn good chance chicken…

Also, I’m not exactly proud to admit, bit I’ll fuck with some Church’s…

KFC does have a stellar biscuit and Cole slaw, but they just can’t touch Bojangles in my mind…

yes sir if you are around the Nashville area

just go on and bypass the Church’s chicken my man, there is something better down the road

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