Kamaru Usman would defend UFC welterweight title against Nick Diaz: ‘That’s a humongous fight’

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Kamaru Usman is on top of the world. After defending his UFC welterweight title with a blistering knockout finish over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 earlier this month Usman has little left to prove at 170 pounds.

Maybe that’s why the reigning UFC welterweight champion is open to a fun fight with MMA legend Nick Diaz.

Diaz, who hasn’t fought since a scrap with Anderson Silva all the way back in 2015, has been hinting at a potential comeback since last year. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion was even in attendance at UFC 261 to see Usman put Masvidal to sleep first hand. UFC president Dana White said he talked to Diaz after the event and is ready to offer him a fight.

While White seems adamant that Diaz should fight rising star Khamzat Chimaev there’s not much in that matchup for the Stockton native. For all we know Diaz has never even heard of Chimaev. He’s unlikely to end his long hiatus from fighting for a scrap with “Borz.”

That said, Usman is already interested in fighting Diaz and is even willing to put his UFC welterweight title up for grabs. Usman has defeated every top contender in the division today and deserves a fun fight against a legend of the sport. After all, Diaz is still a bigger draw than arguably anyone in the division right now, including the champ.

“We don’t know (how Diaz is going to look)”, Usman told TMZ Sports. “At the end of the day, if he got everything in order and he’s able to compete, that’s always a fun fight. Nick Diaz. Imagine, Nick Diaz at the top of the bill once more. Nick Diaz fighting for the title. That’s a humongous fight. Hopefully gets his faculties and everything in order, and if he’s able to do that, Nick is able to come in and do something spectacular… Of course, that’s always a fun fight.”

While UFC would leave a lot on the table if they didn’t find Diaz an opponent this year it’s unlikely that the veteran will step back inside of the Octagon to a title fight. Even if Diaz had been competing and an active member of the UFC’s welterweight division it would be hard to skip Colby Covington in the hunt for the title.

However, crazier things have happened in the sport over the past few years. If Usman completely shuts down Covington and calls for “Chaos” to win one more fight before their rematch then maybe things get weird and fight fans get Usman vs. Diaz.

In any case, it’s nice to see Diaz in the spotlight once more as he approaches his official return to fighting.

What do you think, fight fans? Is Usman vs. Diaz a fight you want to see?

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Usman is obviously trolling Colby here

Tells Colby to fight one more but is willing to give Diaz a title shot immediately. Lmfao. Whichever the title fight goes to, I’ll tune in to an Usman fight. Can’t believe I just said that

he pretty much hinted it would be

Contingent upon Nick taking a fight and looking good in that outing, right?

I'm the biggest fan of Usman but he tries hard to make himself unlikeable

Why is he avoiding NMF ?
The guy wanna have a legacy beating Mastival twice and taking on Diaz ?

Wonder boy has a fight booked he still needs to win before he gets a shot

He gave Mastival a title shot of a loss ..

NMF has a fight booked cause usman don’t wanna fight him

Normally my man LAP is hardcore trolling...

And maybe he’s trying to troll here, but I completely agree with him…if Wonderboy can keep it on the feet (he has awesome movement at TDD so it’s very possible), he’s going to work Usman the same way he worked other aggressive types of strikers (i.e. Luque). WB is a very dangerous matchup for Usman which is conveniently why he never mentions him.

It also will probably sell the fewest PPVs so perhaps that’s the impetus…


I was gonna say the same.

Also add Edwards to people Usman should be fighting. The narrative coming out of the media is mind boggling.

That’s because Mas sells ppv. The rest of the division isn’t going to be treated like him.

Honestly hate to say but he’s pulling a Bisping. He wants to fight the easiest fights he can it seems.

Yeah, Burns, Colby, and Masvidal x2

is the same as one title defense against Hendo.

Get fucking real

Colby is the

Only real legit defense here. Mas is a 50/50 fighter with a strong fan base. Burns looks way better at 170 but still needs time to grow into the weight class. Burns could be a real threat in 2 or 3 more fights but wasn’t seasoned enough when they fought.

Ehh, his division is not active enough

Leon was out for a year.
Colby only beat Woodley who had lost 10 straight rounds in dominating fashion.
Jorge had no fights but they sold a million.
Wonderboy was Ko’ed by Pettis so he needed to work his way back, no title shot from beating Luque and Neal.
Cheisa has not fought in awhile.
Khamzat got sick.

I hate the Diaz call out but understand if he wants to stay active.

Yes cause Diaz is very active

Maybe not in mma but he's got Ironmans he trains for and competes in.

That’s the Seal Team 6 of the endurance athletic world, LAP

Da fuq dude? Fight Colby! You want to help cement your legacy, beat him twice...that first fight deserves a rematch.

Covington’s just gonna say you’re running by seeking out a fight with Nick.

Look, I wanna see Nick fight, no doubt, but to come back and be thrown in with Usman is just ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the champion suggesting that be his path to glory!!

Peace and Blood.

He finished him and literally broke his jaw

The first fight doesn’t deserve a rematch until Colby fights a real challenger

That's where I sit.

Broken jaw aside, he broke the man completely.

I'm not targeting you

I swear. But I disagree, the broken jaw thing hasn’t been proven. I had Colby up going in to the 5th and feel the fight was stopped early. Trust me I’m no Colby fan either. That was a great fight and deserves a rematch.

Colby beat Woodley big deal

That is 1 slight step above Jorge waiting now a days.

Colby should have fought a Wonderboy or Edwards.

In no way shape or form

is Woodley 1 step above Masvidal.

Woodley has had a single win in 2 years

I meant beating him is 1 step above what Jorge did in waiting for a rematch.

Colby got a win but it wasn’t a notable win that should grant a title shot.

No warm up fight?

Straight into the inferno.

That’s how they do my boy constantly

Everything else aside, this would be detrimental to Nick's health.

am I the only one reading this

As Usman saying he’d have to see Nick take a fight and look good doing so, before considering it?

I saw Ali calling for a fight with Chisea or Luque above Colby though

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