Midnight Mania! TJ Dillashaw vs. Cory Sandhagen in jeopardy after Dillashaw cut in training

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

TJ Dillashaw has on the sidelines for a long time, and that stay is likely to continue even further. The former Bantamweight champion last competed in January 2019, getting knocked out by Henry Cejudo on fight night and USADA a couple weeks later. His EPO usage banned him from competition for two years, but since regaining eligibility, Dillashaw is eager to make his return.

Unfortunately for Dillashaw, a clash of heads has resulted in a nasty cut just above his right eye. “I’m sad to say that I have to be pulled from my fight on May 8th due to a cut received from a head butt while drilling,” Dillashaw wrote on Instagram. “Rescheduling the fight as soon as possible.”

Based on Dillashaw’s caption, he’s hoping to remain booked against Sandhagen. UFC has yet to make a statement, however, and with UFC Vegas 26 just 11 days away, there is a chance the promotion opts to find a short-notice replacement rather than remove “The Sandman.”


There’s still lots of fallout emerging from Chris Weidman’s leg break, so get accustomed to that uncomfortable pit in your stomach that comes from thinking about it.

I am FEELING the rhythm of this clip.

Khamzat Chimaev really wants to fight a big name opponent coming in off either 1) a multi-year layoff or 2) a brutal knockout loss. I am reminded of Brendan Schaub’s attempted path up the ranks ...

“The Mountain That Rides” Thor Bjornsson works the back:

Diego Sanchez is upset with UFC for allegedly leaving him stranded at the airport. This is a tough one, as we must determine which incredibly possible situation is more likely: UFC doing something scummy or Sanchez being out-of-touch with reality?

The Florida fans booing Zhang Weili and Kamaru Usman for ... reasons ... was an ugly (if not shocking) moment for the sport.

If Valentina Shevchenko scores three more title defenses, does she snap her fingers and erase half her division?

Slips, rips, and KO clips

I never thought I was see the rarely utilized footlock counter to an omoplata finish someone in an MMA fight. Wild!

Teep to the face!

Even from this brief clip, it’s clear Polygalov was mixing his targets well.

Random Land

Best clip ever.

Midnight Music: Do you love funk and soul music from the ‘60s/70s? I humbly recommend Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, who produced several great albums in that vein between 2003 and 2017.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.


Move it to the Garbrandt vs Font Fight Night

Almost a month away so perhaps the cut will heal, if they have Diaz vs Edward as a 5 round co main this should be too. They have Felicia Spencer fighting another damn 1 off as the co-main for Font vs Cody. SMH

Dillashaw caught

Maybe it’s been awhile and I’ve forgotten, but haven’t the visiting fighters always been booed when announced?

Nah dude

Anderson Silva, Izzy, Overeem, plenty of foreign fighters get lots of love from the American audience. In Usman’s case it seemed very much a home team kinda thing since Mas is Florida’s son, but in Zhang’s case it certainly seemed more of an anti-Chinese thing

Clear as day. You could tell Zhang was taken aback.

Guess no one told her where she was at.

Those fans suckes badly.....

Bunch of friggin idiots down there for many reasons.

But that was some bs.

Yeah it really made me mad at the general fanbase

She’s been nothing but respectful and a warrior, risking her health to put on awesome shows, especially last year’s best fight

These are 15,000 people who crammed themselves into an indoor arena during a pandemic.

They are likely not the most politically swift thinkers or well versed in the world.

A valid point you do make.

A long as they covered their mouths when they coughed or sneezed

everything should be fine.

I guarantee you they sneeze into the free air.

They don’t even close their eyes whilst doing so.


the just bleeders were just spitting on everyone!!!


But at that moment it reminded me of all the bullshit I’d seen leading up to the fight, on Twitter and Instagram, people just being real shitheads

not trying to make excuses for the girl

but that possibly could have fukd with her mentality just moments before the fight and had her mind thinking about other things.

unlikely, she dodged what she thought was a leg kick and took a foot to the chin

understood but still just trowing it out there

an uneasy wondering mind can cause a person to make bad decisions, especially on a split second reaction.

Lived there at one point in my life.

Remember guy from Chicago getting stabbed to death at a bar there for getting drunk loud and routing for the wrong team (maybe more to it I don’t know) I love me some good old Florida boys (the real ones) they have huge hearts but they got a formidable temper.

Because people never get stabbed to death (or shot full of holes) in Chicago for dumb shit.

Truth but

The circumstances were not comparable to what you are imagining. It was at a normal restaurant bar with families there. No judgement on Jacksonville great beaches there.

The beaches are the definite highlight

But the sand and ocean aren’t too bad either!

Ba Dum Tiss

… I’ll see myself out…

People keep saying this. Are you talking about the walk out or during intros? Maybe a hint of it in the walk out, but she seemed relatively stoic. I’m guessing people infer it because she’s normally more happy looking because I don’t really see some moment where she looks taken aback.

Stupid assumption!

I’m certain they were rooting for the American. The anti-Asian shit is BS. US fans are disrespectful at times, no need to make it more than it is.

If you’ve ever been to an event, it only takes one to get chants or boo’s started.

Yeah...and then the sheep follow.

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