Khamzat Chimaev down for Nick Diaz fight: ‘We’ll see who is real gangster’

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It’s been years since Nick Diaz has fought in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and up until last weekend, it seemed like it’d be years until we might see the elder Diaz brother again. But all that changed on Saturday night (April 24, 2021) at UFC 261. Nick was in attendance at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla., and after the event Dana White revealed they were going to have a serious talk about a comeback fight.

“Nick wants to fight,” White said at the post-fight press conference (listen to it here). “We’ll see how this goes. He’s waiting for me in the back right now. I’m going to go talk to him.”

Previous to this, White’s responses to Nick Diaz comeback talk has been less than supportive. But Nick may fit into the UFC president’s plans a little bit better now that the promotion needs a big name to fight its up-and-coming star Khamzat Chimaev. When asked if Diaz and Chimaev was a fight that could go down, White simply answered, “Yes.”

You don’t even have to ask Chimaev, he always says yes. But in case you were wondering what he thought of the match up ...

“I want to fight with him,” Chimaev said in an interview with MMA Junkie. “That will be good. I watched his fight when I was a kid, now I’m going to fight with him. Perfect for me. I like it. I want to see who is the real gangster. I think he is a real gangster in this sport, but we’ll see.”

“This is MMA, this is sport. Who is the gangster here? Gangster is other things. People kill each other. Maybe in this game, he is a gangster. You can say like that. I grow up in the war, brother. This is bulls--t for me, somebody’s a gangster. No, I’ve seen many things in my life. For me, nobody is gangster.”

Khamzat’s return date hasn’t changed: he’s still looking for an August return now that he’s recovered from lingering side effects of COVID-19 (details).

“I’m coming back, and we kill somebody, smash somebody,” he said. “Now we have Diaz. I don’t know, both maybe someday? Both brothers. We’re going to see who is the real gangster. Chechen gangster is better than Stockton gangster.”

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The answer is neither of them are real gangsters

Chechen gangster that lives in Sweden and is citizen of Sweden

Nick is more Chechen than Chimaev at this point

If a commission sanctions this fight they should be charged with elder abuse

Anybody who calls out Nick is an opportunist.

Nick has not fought in years. He was suspended at the start and that led him to the party life. Nick is a legend but the game has evolved too much since his last fight. I think Hardy vs Nick is a way better fight to make. Sorry if any of you fans are expecting the earlier Strikeforce/Ufc Diaz. It is impossible and the legend has aged. I want him back but only for fights against, past the prime legends.

100% agree. Nick v Hardy.

Khamzat is just responding

To suggestions made by others, I’m pretty sure he didn’t seek this fight out

The party life ? He runs triathlons for fun.

Sure he used to run triathlons, but not as much as before.

Have you seen the vids of his 200lbs+ body being drunk. Completing a triathlon in a certain time in prime is different to completing a triathlon at a slower time. Diaz is a legend but come on, he has been out of the fight game a long time!! Age is not on his side. I want Hardy vs Diaz. The Diaz we know would get his legs chewed red if he fought the same as before. One fight camp wont change that.

I agree

As someone who runs triathlons for fun there is a huge difference between slow twitch and fast twitch muscles. Not sure why people think that endurance races equate to success in a 15 minute fast pace fight.

Nick vs Jorge

No way, Jorge is still a beast and is coming off a championship camp.

Why dont you fans understand that Nick has been away for years. The MMA game has evolved and Nick has aged a lot. 2014 Diaz beats Masvidal anytime at that stage. Now it is a different story. Sure Nick will have that legendary will but it would lead to brain damage against Masvidal. Lets see Nick in fun fights instead. Nick vs past the prime opponents is more realistic.

Youre trying to pass off a lot of opinions a fact, buck'o.

Why don’t you take a seat and STFU.

Sure I am guilty of that but come on, look at the logic

Ok is my opinion that I am alluding to as speculative fact that Nick vs Masvidal will not be competitive. Does that hurt you? Give me your take big man? Before I tell you to STFU in response, give me a pertinent reason why you disagree. This is a thread for discussion. The mic is for you now??

I said


That all I have right now.

Hahahaha WTF

You confuse me, well good day to you sir. I am also 1986. Workouts take longer to recover from right? Also fuck you, I am not sure why. I like you but hate you. Guess we need a good whiskey and a good converse.


I’m just fucking with ya, dude.
You’re ight.

Nick Diaz vs Jorge Masidival is a fun fight.

Both these guys have gangster attitudes and want to stand and bang. The build up and the fight itself will be fire works (at least in theory).

Stay retired then....

In all honesty

Cobra: Geez that’s some pussy shit. He’s a fighter man. You want him to get a novelty fight. Fuck that. Nick won’t fight this guy but not for your tulip reasons.

If this happens khamzat getting smacked every staredown

He talks too much

Il agree with the he talks too much

Khamzat talks too much?

‘Brother, i smesh every body. Doesn’t matter’

That’s literally all he says.

He was 5 years old when the Chechen war started and 15 when it finished

He moved to Sweden when he was 19.

What war did he experience ?

Also he is missing a sweet nickname if he went with Khamzhat "Hazmat"

I mean, by your own timeline you state he experienced war for 10 years of his early life.

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