White ready to give Nick Diaz another fight ... against Khamzat Chimaev?

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It was a full house at the Vystar Veteran’s Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla., for UFC 261. More than 15,000 fans turned up for the first fully open indoor arena show since COVID-19 shut down the North American sporting world in mid-March 2020. Also in attendance: various celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. YouTuber turned-boxer Jake Paul (eye roll). Other sports stars like Tom Brady and Tim Tebow.

And then ... Nick Diaz?

We don’t know whether to be surprised or not that the elusive former contender showed up at UFC 261. Nick has been largely AWOL from the sport for years. But, on the other hand, this is the first opportunity for many people to go out and drink in public. And Nick is certainly down for doing that.

It wasn’t all just fun and fights, though. According to UFC President, Dana White, Nick was waiting backstage for him after the UFC 261 post-fight press conference (watch it here) to talk a comeback. And in another surprising turn of events, White sounded interested.

“Nick wants to fight,” White said. “We’ll see how this goes. He’s waiting for me in the back right now. I’m going to go talk to him.”

White went as far as to suggest Nick could be Khamzat Chimaev’s comeback opponent, which would certainly be a big fight. A big enough fight for Nick, who undoubtedly expects to be paid as the needle mover he is? That’s the big question.

The elder Diaz brother hasn’t fought since 2015, and while a lot of that has to do with his focus on partying over fighting, UFC’s refusal to give him PPV points outside a championship fight has also played a big part in keeping him out of the cage.

We can only hope something gets worked out. The pandemic seems to have done Nick Diaz a lot of good. Where before his social media was full of bars and boozing, now it’s full of training. If there’s ever a time for Nick to step back in the cage, it’s now.

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Please no, seeing Nick Diaz lose badly will hurt my soul

Awesome.... make it happen Dana!

Nick better work on subs off his back.

Honestly, would be a good name for Hazmat. Most other big names have fights right now.


Both coming off long layoff and sickness

Not sure what combo exactly nick had, but let’s hope its in the past

Nick Diaz

37 years old, last fight in 2015, last win 2011, does terrible against wrestlers

Yeah, uh, he’s a legend but there’s no upside to this fight

as a long time Diaz fan

I know it’s pure nostalgia to not only want a fight for nick, but to expect him to fare well at all. I get that. I also dont care, let him find out the sport passed him by long long ago. It cant be worse than diego sanchez or cerrone or Matt brown out there feeling they still got it. They dont, but they’re also not invalids. Book the fight and enjoy the circus

Nick’s never did well against great wrestlers, he just complains after he loses that they just hugged him. Dana mean if sets this up for Nick.

It would at least mitigate

The amount of additional brain damage

Lmao, true

I wouldn’t worry about that....

I guarantee Chimaev won’t be there to just hug him.

They have a no wrestling man to man agreement in place.

For 2 goats.

I'd be frustrated too if Nick does a comeback and he gets controlled on the ground for 3 rounds.

Yeah prefer pair him against a striker. Be cool if Holland dropped to 170 and faught Nick. Good fight and good trash talk.

Not trash talk fan but when they do it to one another it’s comical, vs one sided.

that'd be a fun fight!

For sure

Can we talk about how legit Lionheart’s jab looked last night...

Damn if he ain’t improved his game over the past couple fights.

I had him pegged to lose. had I ever

Seen him throw a jab that purty, might have rethought that.

But wasn't it a media guy that suggested Nick fight Hazmat, and the Baldfather just more or less agreed it was possible...? As in sure anything's possible...

Thanks for the intel. I personally hate the idea

Khamzats chasing a belt and beating a long retired alcoholic should do nothin for him. I’d like to see him fight Michel Periera if they’re gettin weird

Oh please no

Can Diaz stop having to fight killers for his first fight every time he unretires.

Y’all can’t dig Robbie up or something?

Exactly, the only people supporting this just want to see Nick lose.

The dude hasn’t fought in 6 years, toss him something more on his level

that's assuming nick would go for that type of booking

And we just dont know what or who he is asking for. It was a media guy who brought up khamzat, it wasnt the baldfather, so let’s see what they can cook up. Nate shouldn’t have taken that leon fight, but it should be fun to see

He did lose to diego sanchez

Sanchez vs Diaz II

I thought the only one who was allowed to beat up an old man was Conor McGregor.

Nick was looking really old and haggard last night. Let him enjoy his golden years in a blissful stoned haze.

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