Notorious League? Conor McGregor suggests he may buy Manchester United football club

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Is Conor McGregor positioning himself to buy one of the biggest soccer teams in the world?

It certainly seems like a stretch that McGregor could become an owner of the infamous Manchester United club, given his less than impressive results in the cage lately and his many public black eyes. But, behind the scenes McGregor has continued to bank huge amounts of money these past few years, much of it from his extremely popular Proper 12 whiskey brand.

Just last month, reports came out that McGregor had sold Proper 12 to Becle, the spirits conglomerate that owns Jose Cuervo tequila, Bushmills whiskey, and Kraken rum. That deal may have doubled his already sizable net worth, getting him close to a net worth of around a half billion dollars.

So when “The Notorious” claims he’s going to buy Manchester United, we assume he’s just talking tosh. But a small part of us still wonders if something’s going on in the background.

Forbes has estimated that Manchester United is valued at $4.2 billion, so McGregor wouldn’t be able to buy Manchester United outright. But as part of some business consortium?

Then there’s the fact that the Red Devils are in the middle of a decent amount of flux as Man U is pushing for a new European Super League takeover and its chairman, Ed Woodward, is stepping down. With the European Super League already on the verge of collapsing because of a fan revolt and founding teams pulling out, maybe there is room for a chunk of Manchester United ownership stock to be sold.

Even as rich as he is, McGregor better have some filthy rich “yacht inside their yacht” friends for this to happen. Even his billionaire buddies the Fertitta brothers have been unable to buy their own major league sports team ... and they’ve actually got the billions needed in their bank accounts to make a move.


I'm thinking about buying Apple

And you didn't need to tweet about it

He craves attention, it’s a drug to him.

No, you're thinking of cocaine

Drugs are a drug to him.

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There is a lesson here...

No matter how rich ppl are – a lot of them still want what they cant get.

WTF is wrong with people.

It’s called ambition

It’s a sad life if someone doesn’t aim to achieve what is beyond their grasp

That is ridiculous.

It’s why he’s got half a billion

While we’re still using "two can dine" coupons at McDonald’s. he conceives, believes and tweets about achieving

Then he achieves.

Not a fan of Conor but he’s done a few things right. Like renting props for his image.

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