Jake Paul vs Ben Askren payouts leaked

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Jake Paul stands to earn a $690,000 “show” purse for his upcoming boxing match against Ben Askren, which takes place in the Triller Fight Club pay-per-view (PPV) main event this Sat. night (April 17, 2021) inside Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Funky” will bank $500,000.

Social media star Jake Paul battles former UFC welterweight Ben Askren in the upcoming Triller Fight Club pay-per-view (PPV) boxing event available to stream RIGHT HERE — don’t miss a single second of face-punching action!

That’s according to the payouts posted by Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, courtesy of MMA Fighting, which also has former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir drawing $350,000 for his “Sweet science” debut opposite Steve Cunningham.

“USS” earns $150,000 for replacing Antonio Tarver.

Below is the complete list of Triller Fight Club payouts for this weekend’s event in “The Peach State.” Remember, these are base salaries payable for competing and do not include bonuses, PPV shares, or undisclosed payouts contracted between promoter and fighter.

Jake Paul: $690,000
Ben Askren: $500,000

Frank Mir: $350,000
Steve Cunningham: $150,000

Regis Prograis: $850,000
Ivan Redkach: $250,000

Joe Fournier: $220,000
Andres “Reykon” Londono: $80,000

Junior Younan: $25,000
Jeyson Minda: $8,000

Quinton Randall: $15,000
William Jackson: $8,000

For the complete Triller Fight Club PPV lineup and musical guests for April 17 click here.


Not bad at all

Good for Ben

No chicks on the card?

I’m outraged

Mir getting $350'000

Sweet payday!

Surprised Ben only banks a half Mill, I thought cunt face was drawing in a 100 Mill in revenue!

I think it depends on how it sells

they also get sponsors money

They must expect to break the bank

if they are paying Frank Mir that much money…

Phil you're talking about Jake Paul here.

THE Jake Paul.

I'm too old to get it !

(bro I have no idea who this clown is)

He's off youtube. That's it. Now you know.

Been Tod that 100 times, everything's on YouTube.

How come no one can say what his talent is? What did he do to get star status on YouTube. Sing? Dance? Masturbate with sand paper?

Made videos. Or his brother did. And teenagers watch them.

Idk man, people watch other people play videogames now I stopped trying to figure it out 5 years ago

Videos of what? Anything funny? Pranks?

I refuse to look.

I've never seen any, I have an IQ above a banana so it doesn't appeal to me

But I doubt they’re anything funny or worthwhile if the tweens love em

Man me and you, concrete, make a fucked up fruit salad

I'll be the kiwifruit.

Chinese gooseberry.

Quit appropriating, Whitey.

I’m glad you’ll be the minority in your adopted homeland soon.

War Communism.

Haven't been known as Chinese gooseberries since the 50s.

Maybe in your pale new world.

What do they call em’ in Nam?

Never saw any there.

There is intelligence, and then there are some things that are so ridiculous and vulgar that they are funny. Adam Sandler albums come to mind!

He made videos on youtube.

Askren via Gogoplata

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