Henry Cejudo calls out Petr Yan, Aljamain Sterling — ‘Triple C is coming back’

Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, who retired from mixed martial arts (MMA) after smashing Dominick Cruz at UFC 249 back in May 2020, is planning to make his return to combat sports.

Then again, Cejudo posts all sorts of wacky shit (like this), so maybe we should temper our expectations.

“I would personally like to line up both Petr Yan and Aljamain Curling-Sterling-Silver at the same time,” Cejudo told ESPN. “You guys stay tuned, ‘Triple C’ is coming back! What’s up?”

Yan won the title that Cejudo vacated but then lost it to Sterling by way of disqualification at UFC 259 last weekend in Las Vegas. Since that rematch is on deck as soon as possible, according to promotion president Dana White, Cejudo may have to wait until the end of the year.

Or fight the winner of Cory Sandhagen vs. TJ Dillashaw to reclaim his spot.

Stay tuned.


That slice of SportsNation on ESPN is like dog shite.

Clueless cunts that look good but know fuck all.
Triple C right at home here.

Rousimar "Petr Yan" Palhares vs Triple C for Title Eliminator winner takes in Aljo

Triple C's failed experiment........

….pretend to retire to try to gain interest and bargaining power with the UFC. Only to realize nobody really cared that you were gone! If anything his fake retired lowered his leveraging power as the UFC didn’t miss a beat without him around.

You’re a hateful little cunt aren’t you. Lol.

But I like it.

Fits right in here.

probably in minority, but I actually would like to see him come back

He’s got a couple good fights to make.
Don’t know how, but somehow his cringe shtick finally wore on me.
Well, that and dude is actually an elite mixed martial artist.

I want him back too, he became very exciting his last few fights.

Dude is right though, he tried waiting out to raise his stock but the market wasn’t overly interested.

Him vs Yan is a banger, I reckon he’s done with cutting to 125.

Yeah I'd like to see him back.

I think he and is the most exciting fight in the BW division.

And who wouldn’t love to see him take TJs shrivelled black soul, if the Sandman doesn’t get there first.

Sterling giving up on life at this point, having to rematch the guy who was about to hand his ass to him and now the true champion that is miles apart from him is coming back.

He'll be taking more selfies with that belt the next month than an Instagram model.

That's great! Somebody let me know when a fight contracted is signed.

Otherwise, he’s still just tweeting in the wind.


Sandhagen might be shortchanged here

Good thing he had one hell of a knockout

Fuck, with all the drama I forgot about Cory.

But he’s fighting TJ anyways, yeah? Run that and the Yan/Aljo rematch, winners fight for the incontrovertible strap.

Triple C can wait and see,
what have you done for me lately….

I would honestly love to watch Yan beat the shit out of Cejudo after he gets his belt back

Yep, definitely would pick Yan in that one

Henry is a tough little fucker, though. His last few performances were really something special.

If and when he comes back, I'll watch. Smart money is always on Henry.

Don’t think this surprises anyway

Him holding out hasn’t really worked as I can’t imagine he is in a better bargaining position now than he was last year. Still not my money so don’t really care all I know is there are some great matchups with Cejudo involved. If he choses to cut down to 125 again i think he takes the belt easily, 135 is hard to call will be interesting to see there.

I don't know if I'm ready to have Henry back yet.

I’ll put out a press conference when I decide, until then this is a non starter.

I'm excited by the thought of his return.

He has his detractors, but the dude can fucking fight. After this past weekend, I’d pick him to beat Sterling easily. A fight with Yan would be very intriguing.

Bantamweight is already stacked.

Sucks for Cejudo

I admire him for trying to get paid but I guess he overestimated his pull or something…

In any case cringe or no he is a great fighter and I would love to see him vs. TJ or any of the top 3 and then vs Yan once he prob wins the rematch (and beats Cory?).

Doesnt look like he is into cutting to 125 anymore but if he is there is the potential for a banger of a championship fight there as well.

He finally gets he isn't winning against the UFC

Guy should just be himself and stop acting like a clown, it’s not working. He’s a great dude and a great fighter, the act is embarrassing to watch.

People only have so much of an appetite

for a whiny small breed dog on the sideline yapping

I think he is a natural goofball tbh

Not entirely sure he knows how to be otherwise.

His king vids are forced.

There’s no flow to them, nothing’s natural. Chael’s the only guy to be able to pull it off. Maybe there’s something to being the most honest dishonest athlete in your given sport.

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