Dan Hardy issues statement on ‘Fight Island’ incident that led to UFC firing

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A report surfaced last week that revealed former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight contender, Dan Hardy, had been relieved of his commentating duties for the promotion after he was involved in a recent incident with a UFC employee while on “Fight Island.”

One week after the dust settled, “The Outlaw” has issued a statement regarding the incident and his dismissal from the company.

“Apologies for my silence on this current situation,” Hardy wrote on his website. “I’m still chasing answers privately, and it’s taking some time. This is what I can say, at this point. It was a verbal disagreement between myself and a member of the UFC staff. It was forthright but not aggressive, and specific to work.

“I have apologized to the individual, for the embarrassment they must have felt, as a small handful of our colleagues from the British media were present,” he continued. “We were taking a brief break from recording UFC 258 content, a few hours after the Holloway-Kattar event had concluded, when the disagreement occurred. The conversation could have definitely taken place in a better location, and under better circumstances.”

And while he clearly confirmed that he did part ways with UFC, Hardy affirmed that he is still employed by BT Sport.

“BT Sport have not fired me, and are still keen on working with me in some capacity. I’m appreciative of their interest in a continued collaboration. Thank you all for the support in the comments across their accounts. They are paying attention and making efforts, although there is pressure to push me out entirely.”

Hardy went on to say that his journalist team, Full Reptile, also had their credentials revoked for last weekend’s UFC 259 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. That said, “The Outlaw” hopes to one day reconcile with UFC and Dana White, who he says he has yet to speak to regarding the incident.

“The Raptors were quarantined for three weeks in order to attend UFC 259, but had their credentials revoked, so we’re diversifying our content a little, and appreciate your subs and support.

“It has been suggested that a reconciliation between myself and the UFC is possible, and of course, I hope that is the case,” he continued. “I have yet to speak to, or hear from Dana, and get a better understanding of his perspective on the situation.”

According to Hardy, an investigation into the matter launched by UFC left him with more questions than answers.

“The result of their brief and private investigation has left me with little closure, and hope that at some point I’m able to get more information of what I’ve actually been accused,” he added. “I’m forever a fan of the UFC, and dedicated in service of MMA. I appreciate all of your kind words and support, both privately and publicly, and have lots of exciting offers to consider.”

If you recall, White wasn’t too happy with Hardy’s confrontation with Herb Dean after the long-time referee was slow to stop Francisco Trinaldo’s beatdown of Jai Herbert at UFC Fight Island 3 in July 2020.

White went as far as to say that if Hardy or anyone else did anything like that again, they would no longer work for the company.


man his future lies at Bellator

make the switch mate.

the future Joe Rogan of Bellator

But for God's sake, learn how to make subtle apologies in a few less paragraphs...and overly polite at that...Jesus Dan!

<img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f602.png" alt=":joy:" class="emoji">

You know you’re being overly verbose when Haymaker tells you to reel it in a little.

It’s that kind of weasely, semi passive aggressive arguing, but then having outbursts, and somehow always appearing in unnecessary conflicts, that made me never really like watching him. Oh well with complete professionals like Bisping in commentating, it’s not like there’s a shortage

I like Hardy.

Was a fun fighter, and it was a shame he got medically cut.

But he’s transitioned into a good commentator and exceptional analyst, probably the best analyst around.

I hope he gets to squash this beef and get back to commentating/breaking down UFC fights and cards.

I love his war room (especially how he's getting more professional doing that show now)

and before the fight analysis with Goodman..

he’s excellent in that (while the analyses are bit long). but love them

He has anger management issues, and he gets very aggressive and outspoken when something doesn't go the way he deems fit

There are plenty of current and former fighters who are waitlisted to take his privileged spot in a heartbeat.

He’s had two dramatic meltdowns in the span of a couple months that brought negative PR to the company. UFC doesn’t have to deal with his temper tantrums.

Someone had to tell Herb, brah.


I also agree that maybe not QUITE in that fashion.

And it would have looked better for Dan if the fighter getting flogged wasn’t a mate of his.

Got to stick up for your boys, brah.

I remember Dan saying they weren’t team mates, didn’t look into it tho.

Could really bitched this chick out in the latest incident, who knows. I just find him to be a genuine man of integrity, his passion probably got the better of him.

Yeah that's my take too, unless I learn otherwise.

But "brah"?

You’re not a Shire Brah Boy, are you?

Shaka's, brah.

Have you seen our grip shake? It’s basically the strongest handshake in the world.

From now on I’m referring to you as whānau or uso to make you feel at home, or maybe just pakeha since you white boys have overrun the south island.

Only 17% Maori nationwide.

Pakeha overran NZ long ago bro.

So half of the Maori boys moved to Queensland, which I sometimes call West NZ.

Whanau works. Or the ubiquitous "bro".

Where abouts in Sunshine State are you?

Gold Coast, or Bro Town haha

Damn only 17%, there’s probably more Chinese at this point.

How about we compromise, pakebrah?

Pakebrah? I bloody love it!

And yeah, they estimate by 2025, Pakeha, Maori and Pacific Islanders COMBINED will be the minority in Auckland.

Huge Chinese and Indian populations now.

First time I visited my gran in Auckland,

92, her whole street was bought up by Indians, the service station and the corner store. Auckland looks like Hong Kong but you could say that about Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane on any given day.

That’s a crazy statistic you said, driven the property prices through the roof as well. As Israel says, buying up Auckland property like he’s Chinese.


Thankfully the government changed the laws to slow down the rocketing property market. It’s helped a little bit, but prices are booming again.

Kiwis know they won’t be travelling internationally for ages, so are buying property.

It’s getting crazy!

Couldn't believe how expensive it was,

Even on the north shore, my aunty is sitting on a mint.

Why did you move to Invercargill, are you in witness protection or something?

<img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f923.png" alt=":rofl:" class="emoji">

Studying. I was a full-time tour guide in Queenstown…
Until last year, I suddenly wasn’t.

Would be nice to get a little more context here

Did he berate ‘her’ (I assume its a female from prior reports) or what?

In any case if it wasnt egregious I would let him cool off for one event or w/e and then bring him back. He has crazy knowledge and passion for mma. Brings a different deeper perspective and overall is a positive representative of the sport (and sometimes somewhat of a hothead with little patience for when he thinks its damaging the sport or fighters – fine). His heart is definitely in the right place.
Free the Outlaw!

I’d side with Hardy if not for the Herb Dean incident

He just seems to be someone who thinks it’s their mission to educate those around them, and what normal people would call rude or out of line he would call being assertive. That kind of thinking is hard to fix

He's a textbook "man'splainer", he is.

His accent drives me nuts. Shit, somebody will hate me for that but what the hell.

That's the Queen's tongue, Son

you will like it!

Little Bill would beg to differ if weren't for William Munny.

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