Report: Mike Tyson vs. Logan Paul expected to take place February 2022

Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is expected to be the next in line to fight social media influencer Logan Paul.

This is according to a recent report by social media outlet Drama Alert (shown below). The complete details are unknown at this time, but the report suggests Tyson vs. Paul will unfold in February of 2022. That gives us four months to prepare for what will be one of the biggest combat events of next year.

Tyson, 55, returned to the world of boxing in Nov. 2020 for an exhibition match with fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. Despite his time off “Iron Mike” looked tremendous in his first action in 15 years. Tyson ended up fighting Jones Jr. to a draw, but he opened some eyes with his still-ferocious punching. It will be interesting to see how the former champion fairs against someone as young and spry as Paul, but Tyson will clearly have a technical advantage.

Paul, 26, is coming off a massive PPV boxing match against pound-for-pound legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. The social media star was obviously outclassed in the fight, but he went eight rounds with “Money” and proved he’s a viable fighter inside of the ring. Paul will have to punch harder and tuck his chin more against Tyson, but he’ll have another chance to knock off one of boxing’s greatest names.

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Please God, make it right thing this time


A bad decision by the Paul team

Not if it's an exhibition and knockouts aren't allowed.again

Who would buy BS like that?


It would still sell big

Another exhibition scam.


Straight money grab and there will be many suckers all too willing to hand over their money.
We know Taiter usually buys these kinds of fights, right Tits?

At least Logan fights actual boxers.

As opposed to Jake, who fights non-boxers, then brags about what a great boxer he is.

logan "fights" actual boxers in exhibition matches

They both suck

I heard allegedly one of them isn't as bad as other.

But either way I am happy if both get koed.

Came here to say the same

At least Logan is taking risks. While jake is ringside sayin shit as dumb as possible.
"My brother just beat floyd mayweather "

Legally Fighting a Senior Citizen

It sounds fucking awesome, but then I grew up.

the price is wrong, bitch

"Kith my ath, bithhh!"

Is what I’d say, when KOing Tyson.

I’d put Tyson against anyone outside of the Top 5 in the HW division right now.

I can only pray that Paul says something in the lead up to the fight that Tyson feels is disrespectful

Tyson looked sharp against Roy

Logan is going to get hurt

Don’t know how I feel about this

Would love to see Paul knocked out but if he somehow beat Tyson then hat would hurt

I haven't watched any of their spectacles yet but I might consider this one.


I'll pay for this if it's a real match not exhibition...

  1. because it’s Mike Tyson
  2. because there’s a good chance one of the Pauls will get obliterated
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