Report: Nate Diaz may be in fight limbo as UFC attempts to re-sign younger Diaz brother

Those hoping to see Nate Diaz return to the Octagon soon against Vicente Luque (or anyone else for that matter) better re-adjust their expectations. According to Luque’s manager, Ali Addelaziz, Nate’s UFC contract is almost finished and the promotion isn’t likely to let him fight it out without first agreeing to a contract extension.

“Listen, I believe Nate Diaz has one fight left on his contract,” Abdelaziz told MMA Fighting in a recent interview. “I like the [Luque vs. Diaz] fight. I think it’s a great fight. I think the UFC, it’s a business, they want to make money and I think Nate and Conor [McGregor] will make them so much money.

“I think the only way UFC will agree to make this fight happen [is] if Nate re-signs with the UFC,” he continued. “But, I don’t know if this is good for Nate to re-sign with UFC.”

Nate is undoubtedly one of UFC’s biggest stars, but the younger Diaz brother was brutally underpaid for years, with UFC claiming he wasn’t a “needle mover,” while slotting him into main events all the same. Even after Diaz helped blow the roof of prior Conor McGregor PPV numbers with their two-fight series, UFC continued to try and push him back into a lower pay bracket.

With paychecks in the tens of millions floating around in the boxing world for fighters with drawing power, Abdelaziz is being quite understated when he says it may not be in Nate’s best interest to re-sign with UFC.

“At the end of the day, I understand the business,” Ali continued. “I understand UFC’s point, but they know we want the fight, Nate wants the fight but at the end of the day, they hold the contract. I can push as much as I can but I don’t know what they want to do. Vicente, 100 percent will fight Nate or Nick [Diaz].”

With UFC having several ethically-questionable tricks at its disposal to indefinitely extend a fighter’s contract and leave them sitting on the bench, it’s very possible we may not see Nate back in the cage in 2021 ... or 2022, for that matter. If it comes down to who breaks first, UFC or Nate, there is no clear answer.

Just the prospect of another great fighter losing years of his prime.



I don’t deal in speculation.


Only fax matter

How this for speculation, Ali's a dumbass

The UFC can’t put Diaz on ice with one fight remaining on his contract. They are obligated to offer a certain number of fights a year, all Diaz has to do is agree to one and boom end of contract and a free agent.

If the UFC stops offering him fights, Diaz sues for breach of contract and the UFC’s slave owner business model gets put before the courts.

pretty much

The only thing the U can do is give him an unfavorable matchup. And a diaz brother on a mission to get free? I dont think he gives a fuck who he fights, so do your worst.

Fuck ali

The UFC and other large promotions as we know them will either cease to exist or operate in a different capacity. Under the Ali Act, no company can be both a sanctioning body and a promoter. If the UFC continued to promote fights, they could not legally issue a world title. That would have to be done by the sanctioning body.

which is why the UFC will do everything in their power, and then some

To make sure the mma ali act never gets passed

I know how it works and was referring to what Ali said

Hes just trying to get a fight for his guy. I’m well aware UFC needs to offer Diaz a fight and he is under no obligation to sign a new deal.

Bingooo. Ali is is a big blow-harding blowhard, as usual.

FUCK I hate that guy.

Sure they can. All they have to do is offer Nate horrible fights at his contracted base pay, knowing he won't take them.

Nate would have little or no legal recourse.

But ya’, Ali just wants him to sign.

I don't believe so.. Nate would not care, he just fights and becomes a free agent

There will be a few of them who have some time, name and following, to do well on their own, in this new era of celebrity boxing.

"If" he even wants to fight, ya never know what's going on with Nate.

ya never know what's going on with Nate.

I think everyone can agree with that one.

I know Nate doesn't speak well but you really think Nate's that dumb?

One fight at contracted pay (whatever that may be) and then free to take circus boxing matches at much higher pay? I’m pretty sure Nate is capable of seeing the big picture here and knows free agency will bring more opportunity than a final UFC fight. The one exception is if he plays the very long gamble that he might get a McGregor trilogy and he does actually get the fight but that’s a big gamble that wastes more of you fighting years while McGregor gets his shit together.

We all know the UFC will use dirty tricks to keep manipulating the fighters

Im not sure why some ppl prefer to just look away and say "hey its a business" or w/e nonsense.

The UFC knows that Nate is a needle crusher, they dont want to pay him his worth so they are willing to drag him through the mud, and know that while they might be losing some $$ he will be losing everything.
The UFC is a horrible employer, a monopoly that exploits its fighters. None of this is speculation, its all pretty well documented regardless of the UFCs attempt to hide the data.
I really cant understand how the fans aren’t united in wanting them to be treated better at the expense of the UFC being a little less richer.

Relax mon ami, and read Hank's post; they can't just ice him until he signs.

For now? Sure. Eventually they need to offer Nathan a fight. So it is written, so shall it be done.

Nate Diaz in contract dispute with the UFC. Jon Jones swearing at and being rude with a female MMA journalist (Or anyone else for that matter), after he was accused of domestic violence, for saying something that makes sense about and against him once again. McGregor punching a civilian in one of his new insecurity filled ego-trips… I’d say everything is right in the MMA world today.

That being said, Nate Vs Luque I’d sign any day. Would be an exciting fight. If I’m the UFC I’m trying to make it happen because I do believe Vicente has the potential to be the next big contender in the division. So they should try to allow him to make a real impact and a name for himself with a win Vs Diaz, which I strongly believe he could do. I think it’s what they wanted to offer to Edwards Vs the same Nate Diaz: A chance to gain fans in the more "casual" ones and with a spectacular win in order to be granted the next title shot, but he failed. So if Nate won’t play by your rules, try to use him to elevate fighters who do and whom you feel will beat him.

At this point, with what the UFC is worth, its mainstream success and with no real competition, I do believe Dana totally means it when he says pretty frequently that if fighters want to fight, to contact him and they have events every Saturday. But if they don’t want it it’s their choice and they won’t force the fighters nor chase them. They’ve really got to that point where they don’t care about fighters and employees as individuals and will squeeze out to the last drop of what they can get out of their marquee fighters and prospects up until the point where they start giving them trouble (Or slowing down in performance or marketing value), see the Ngannou case for example, then move on to the next ones… and the next ones after that. So at this stage of his career and with his past history with the company, Nate is really not at the right time to try and bargain a better contract for himself, plus doing so while not being very active. The UFC will just sideline him, like they’ve done quite a few others in recent years, and work with newer fighters who don’t say a word…

Yea I'm sure Nate stays up every night thinking about whether he is going to fight Luque.

Time for Nate

To put together some simple sentences that let Dana know he is the only real fighter. Also, he will call Khabib out and a dead guy.

Anyone really know Nate's financial status?

He doesn’t seem to fight until he feels like it (which gives the impression it is just a financial decision).
It is obvious he knows his (name) value.
He’s had the McGregor trilogy in his back pocket for a while and he hasn’t pushed to pull that trigger.
I can honestly see Nate and Mac finishing what they started outside of UFC. Probably a few years too late for fight fans to care, but will still make a nice PPV payday (not Triller).
I don’t think UFC has a fight to lure Nate back to the WW division. A loss to a ranked WW won’t do anything for Nate. It’ll be another decision or more likely a doctor stoppage (Nate isn’t getting KO’d).
In all honesty, considering the current sideshow PPV climate —I can see the Diaz brothers breaking their rule and co headlining some freakshow PPV.
Just thinking like a Diaz here (scary). How the fucc are they sitting there stuck on contracts, watching Jake and Logan get broke off legit ppv money?
You think there has never been a convo between Nate and Nick discussing how they could do the ppv thing better than the Pauls?
Nate is done and just wants out. Imho.

He's going to Triller

Their new Triad Rules are: Infinite one minute rounds, win by submission only, "Taunt Of The Night" bonus awards, and every five rounds Snoop comes in for a mandatory puff-puff-pass in both corners.

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