Report: Select Spotify employees ‘alienated, unwelcome’ following ‘transphobic’ content from Joe Rogan

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UFC color commentator Joe Rogan moved his wildly-popular podcast from YouTube to Spotify a few weeks back — after inking a $100 million deal — and well ... let’s just say this relationship has not gotten off to the best start.

On both sides.

Turns out not everyone working for Spotify is a fan of “The Joe Rogan Experience” and some of its controversial content, like the alleged transphobic comments Rogan made while interviewing Abigail Shrier, an outspoken critic of the trans movement.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek reportedly had 10 meetings to address the internal concerns and calls for Rogan’s removal. In addition, the team at Motherboard (via spoke to a handful of Spotify employees in the wake of a recent Town Hall.

One of the submitted questions was “Many LGBTQAI+/ally Spotifiers feel unwelcome and alienated because of leadership’s response in JRE conversations. What is your message to those employees?” Another was “Why has Spotify chosen to ignore Spectrum ERG’s guidance about transphobic content in the JRE catalog?,” referring to a group of Spotify workers who focus on related issues.

At the meeting, Ek also told employees not to leak to the media, noting “If we can’t have open, confidential debates, we will have to move those discussions to closed doors.”

In a statement to Motherboard, Spotify reaffirmed its commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, but indicated that Rogan’s content was not in violation of the community guidelines and therefore, would not be removed from the platform.

Rogan has yet to comment.


The best part is

the conversation this is derived from was about CONTEXT.

Oh well, find a job at a company that supports your needs.

Ridiculous stuff.

I mean they are kinda playing both sides.

Ek comes off a little scummy with his threats.

Companies do this shit all the time, they say they are for this and that while associating with people that are against those stated beliefs for: Profit. When confronted they try and silence the discussion.

It’ll be interesting to see how they react to Joe spreading conspiracy theories that Fire Departments and Police Departments have issued statements against. Antifa is not starting wildfires. They’ve been screaming it for weeks, and Joe’s decided he’s going to use the platform to spread this false information.

That and all the racist ass shit he’s said over the years, those clips are making the rounds too lol.

Got in the lime light only to find out he’s surrounded by skeletons and a fat fuck Joey Diaz eating a burrito in a Gi.

His entire show is about nuance and context, and lately about how a buzzword shouldn't negate everything you've done in your life.

Let the whiners leave and find jobs elsewhere. Nobody is going to miss them at Spotify.

Dicey Dicey

Sometimes being an edgy teenager in an attempt to elicit a shock laugh comes back to bite you in your ass.

FREE SPEECH BB, this is working as intended.

Rogan will be fine. They aren't cancelling him any time soon.

It is okay to feel insulted. It isn’t the end of the world. Life goes on.

I'm not even sure Rogan can be cancelled

Say they remove him from Spotify. Ok. Then what? His fanbase isn’t going anywhere. His sponsors won’t. Its a freaking podcast, it’s relatively low overhead. Spotify dumps him, someone will scoop him up with another big check in like a day.

The super low overhead they have for his show makes the Spotify acquisition price even more unfathomable!

They cant cancel what was built on its own. Now he might have to hive back a chunk of that 100 milli....

so what do you think the fire is started by... climate change?

He’s saying the N* word to make a point against racism, ‘propoganda clips’ . There’s more sticking points with Joe having a misogynist attitude stay with that angle.

Notice how you said the "N word".

Yet the calwmedian in liberal oppressive hollyweird isn’t.

Weird huh? Did you say the "N word" because you didn’t want to be "Cancelled"? Maybe Joe should smarten the fuck up and think a little higher level than some GD-Dweeb on a MMA site.

mania would take down my comment and close this thread, and you would not be able to read it and reply

you need to be smart, try it out you might like it. Apparently you are in support of the cancel culture

You mean holding people accountable for the things they say and do?

Is that cancel culture? or is that something else? Cause I’m 100% in favor of everyone being held to the same standards. I don’t think Joe Rogan should be able to PAPA JOHN’s his way around town because he’s Joe Rogan. We must hold all these greasy Italians to the same standards.

Joe was saying it to say it. At least Louis CK puts it in a Joke, but Joe has a hard time with those unless there’s a stool around.

... you freakin troll

A cancel culture racist?….. damn you just created a whole new group with your "greasy Italian slur"… u sir need to be held accountable!

Italians aren't a race bubba

Have you seen his new studio? dudes a fucking sweaty rotisserie chicken.

True.. we are all one race 'the human race' 'Jane Elliot'

yeah the studio sucks’

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he is clearly not a homophobe

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keep it up..

(not your Johnnys)


it will be settled. in the cage

You both are clearly racists and homophobes

You got a problem with clear people homie?

don’t disrespect my religion B

@roy shut up soyboy

I don’t think u know even what u talking about.

u can call anyone racist nowadays I heard. no need an argument anymore even.. u must be 20..

get an argument next time before claiming shit like that

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