Holly Holm explains why UFC title shots keep coming her way

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Of Holly Holm's 11 fights inside the Octagon, five of them have been title fights, one defense and four attempts at winning gold -- two times at Bantamweight, and two times at Featherweight. Simply put, since winning the title in 2015 and then losing it months later, every other fight for Holm has been a shot at winning UFC gold.

And while there may be some chirping in the MMA world and on social media asking why "The Preacher's Daughter" is always one win away from a title fight, Holly says there's a reason.

“I’ve fallen short of getting that title back more than once, and it’s frustrating, but I know I keep fighting the very top-ranked girls, so I’m constantly right there,” Holm told MMA Junkie. “I’m still aching for it. I still want it. That’s a lot to say. Some people say, ‘Oh, I want the belt’ then they don’t really think about it. I know exactly how much work that takes to get there, and I know it took a big commitment.

“You’ve got to win fights along the way and when it comes, I can’t let the opportunity slip through my fingers again. Obviously it’s right there. I know people say, ‘Oh, she’s had plenty of title fights.’ There’s a reason: Because I keep fighting the best, and I keep staying right there. A lot of times I’m just one fight away. No matter what, I have Irene Aldana in front of me,” she added.

Indeed, Holm is set to face top-ranked contender Irene Aldana -- who has won five of her last six -- in the main even of an upcoming Fight Night card on Aug. 1. With a win, Holm believes another shot of adding a belt to her mantle is right around the corner. And for Holly, being numero uno is what its all about.

"It’s just knowing I’m No. 1,” Holm said. “It’s not necessarily the recognition to other people; it’s not trying to prove other people wrong. I worked so hard that I want to beat the best so that I can be the best. That’s it. When you have the belt on you, that means you beat the best, and that’s what I want. I want to be No. 1.”

Holm's last attempt at reclaiming the 135-pound title saw her come up short against current women's champ-champ, Amanda Nunes at UFC 239. And who knows, with a win over Aldana, Holly could very well get a rematch against “Lioness,” but at 145 pounds, assuming the promotion doesn't award it to Megan Anderson...or Nunes doesn't retire.

At the end of the day, if UFC keeps offering chances to win UFC gold, what is Holm supposed to say, “No thank you?"


It’s cause she has the only name in either division anyone recognizes

Wasnt she a boxing star?

What the hell happened to that? She should let those hands go. Focus on what made her great.

Kickboxing too called Winkeljohn mma

Jab and move away to a point victory…

Didn't she have 47 World Championships according to the JRE podcast and DFW?

Should have blown Nunes’ head off!

Star is a stretched.

Their is a reason you cant find video of most of her fights. Yes she was topped ranked and a legit champ at times but she was never a star.

The divisions suck....simple

*are shallow

Kinda reminds of Faber – for a long while he beat up everybody but champs

And then they got more fighters & Urijah got old

Good hind-quarters for sure.



Back off loverboy

"She's just one win away from being in the mix!"

Because wmma is shit

The Ronda Wrecker!

That was Edmund and her own ego

Forgot about him - the world's greatest coach!

Maybe spending time with nick and Nate did not help her

….the only thing she learned was blocking shit with her face

I would pay double just to see her get destroyed again.

That's mean

I’m in

His new boy he's got coming up at 185 is fun.

Just my opinion but I think USADA has taken a lot out of Holly Holm

She had already started shrinking by the Tate fight and is a shadow of the muscled up beast she was in the Rousey fight. Do you guys think it was just a coincidence that USADA has made her one of the most tested fighters ever???? She went from being a skinny scrawny bean pole in her late 20’s to a muscled up specimen in less than 2 years.

"Holly Holm. Holm has never failed a drug test, but she has been accused of steroid use by noted steroids expert Victor Conte. … Holm also has a sponsorship deal with Intel-Pharmacy, a company that sells products which are on the banned substance list, adding to suspicion regarding her supplement regimen."

Nothing to do with her being old as fuck then?

lol, nice.....shes got a few thirsty fans in here, but yea she looks pretty fuckin rough. Also Shes got a decent ass, but it transitions into a masculine upper body.

She makes PVZ look like a 10.5

I still love pissed off Rogan from that fight

Other guy: It’s exhausting being a rock star

Rogan: It has nothing to do with being a rock star; she’s getting punched in the face!

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