Marvin Vettori slams UFC rankings — ‘Darren Till being No. 4, it’s a joke’

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Calling UFC rankings a joke is like calling WWE fake.

Of course it is.

But we should play along anyway because that’s what the promotion wants us to do. Just don’t expect surging title contenders like Marvin Vettori, fresh off his UFC Vegas 16 win over Jack Hermansson last weekend at APEX, to keep quiet about it.

In fact, “The Italian Dream” is even calling out fighters by name.

“Now the rankings just came out. Darren Till being No. 4, it’s a joke. Really, it’s a joke,” Vettori told MMA Fighting. “But I think that would be a great scrap if we fight. After I beat somebody like Darren Till, I’ll be the only guy with two wins in the top five and I don’t know what will happen with Whittaker, but after that, I feel I will deserve a title shot. To be honest, I’m willing to fight anybody.”

Till, a former welterweight title contender who was practically killing himself to make 170 pounds, has dropped three of his last four and stands at just 1-1 since bumping up to middleweight late last year.

It’s also a bit strange to see Jared Cannonier perched at No. 3 when his only victory over a ranked opponent came over the hot-and-cold Hermansson in late 2019.


See the entire UFC middleweight rankings right here.


Rankings be weird, yo

They’re as much about WHEN you beat someone as WHO you beat. Till eked out a split-D over Gastelum when Gastelum was top 5. Connonier beat Hermannson when Hermannson was on a 4-fight win streak.

Now Till’s win over Gastelum and loss to Whittaker is seen as more impressive than Vettori’s win over Hermansson, as is Connonier’s win over Hermannson (as well as Branch and Anderson Silva) and loss to Whittaker.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Vettori climb over Till in next week’s rankings or the week after’s. Often fighters who jump several spots continue to creep up as the media members who vote come to a clearer consensus.

But yeah, weird that Till is ranked 4 on the strength of one split-D, and a loss to the former champ.

His loss to Rob was super close, though.

Looking like the near-equal of an ex-champ who just crushed Cannon buys him his goodwill, imo

His win with Gastelum was even closer

…It was a split decision.
A close win with someone who lost clearly with Hermansson.

Bad judging...

Darren clearly won that

He won, sure, not denied

I am just showing facts: if we want to think that a close loss is a worth, a split decision win has to be as well.
Considering that on of the two Judges who give darren the win was Chris Lee, it became a weak win.
Facts apart rest are opinions, we all can have.
But if someone thinks is enough a close loss to be high in ranking, then Vettori should be higher because of that split with Izzy.

You’re wrong

See: RDA v Felder

It wasn’t a split decision—any rational MMA fan knows it. Stop using bullshit to prove bullshit arguments.

I don’t like Darren Till—dude seems like a bit of a tool—but if you thought that was a split decision, you didn’t even watch the fight and if you didn’t watch the fight and are espousing opinions about it, you’re a much bigger tool than Till…

Not talking about opinions but facts

Opinion are personal, and no one can say if you are right ot wrong in your personal opinion, because it is what it is.
Fact is something proved and objective.

Am I wrong? in what?

Saying it was a split decision I did’t say my opinion but what is written forever.
I saw RDA-Felder as well, it was ridicoulus, in my opinion RDA won clearly, but IT IS A SPLIT DECISION and it remain forever!

It’s like Maradona’s goal with the hand in world cup 1986: we know it was illegal, but it will remain a goal ‘cause the refree did’t see, you cannot change the final score.

Do you understand now?

What Till really did in MWD to be 4th?

He just won half of his fight in the division, and lost too.
I don’t talk about Vettori, but in general, the rest of ranked fighters did more then Darren Till: Brunson, Hall, even Shahbazyan have a better score.
He won just versus someone who lost all 3 fights did in 2019 and 2020, not a good "pedigree".

IT IS non-sensical indeed

Till is a proven tough and high quality fighter, but when it comes to 185, he’s "just" top 10 (as of right now, not saying he can’t make it to the top). He beat Gastelum in a split decision (which should’ve been unanimous, but y’know, judges) who’s now on a 3 fight losing skid and then lost to Whittaker. The latter was a close and competitive fight, but still, a loss. Why should Till jump over guys like Brunson, Hall and Weidman? Yeah, those guys have had bad losses and in the case of Weidman he was getting knocked out left and right, but even then the whole body of work of those 3 at 185 SHOULD put them above Till even if Till has looked better than all three recently. This is NOT how rankings should work.

I do UFC rankings in my own website and FWIW, this is my current 185 top 10:

© Adesanya
1. Whittaker
2. Cannonier
3. Costa
4. Vettori
5. Weidman
6. Brunson
7. Hermansson
8. Hall
9. Till
10. Gastelum

Weidman top 5?

Ok. Marv vs. Santa Claus title eliminator. On the moon.

Marv and Till bumping up against each other in the rankings makes sense. Continental/ Across the Pond beef with alot of questions to be answered for both fighters. I’m not a Till fan but I still wouldn’t bet the farm on Marv winning that one.

Weidman? What in the fuck are you thinking?

He should have being saying this instead of pushing for an imaginary Izzy fight.

After I beat somebody like Darren Till, I’ll be the only guy with two wins in the top five and I don’t know what will happen with Whittaker, but after that, I feel I will deserve a title shot. To be honest, I’m willing to fight anybody.

See…that’s easily 100% accurate and going after fights that can get signed today. Glad someone finally got ahold of him and told him how foolish he looked beating the drum for a fight that can’t happen.

I see him beating Till but I also see Whittaker beating Vettori pretty easily.

I have seen Joker beating him

Evidently I don’t see very well…

There is zero justification for Till being ranked that high at MW.

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