Cecilia Braekhus: ‘A fight with Cris Cyborg would be more competitive than Mayweather-McGregor’

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Pound for pound number 1 women’s boxer Cecilia Braekhus made history on Saturday night, becoming part of the first women’s fight to air on HBO Boxing.

The undisputed women’s welterweight champion defended her IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC and WBO 147 pound belts for an impressive 22nd time on the undercard of the Golovkin vs. Martirosyan card in Carson California, battling through a late knockdown to win a 10 round decision over Kali Reis. Watch the highlights:

According to ESPN, Braekhus had a ‘fan’ in the stands: women’s featherweight champ Cris “Cyborg” Justino.

Leading into her fight with Reis, Braekhus included Cris in the list of opponents she’d like in the future.

”A hybrid fight with Cyborg, MMA, boxing,” she told Fino Boxing. “We have discussed this. That would be amazing. We have already discussed this and she’s very interested in that because she saw what happened with Mayweather-McGregor and the hype that gave them, and for her to take on the best female pound for pound boxer, she’s very excited about that. But of course we have to negotiate the deal.”

And after the win she expanded on the possibility (via FightHubTV).

”She’s very interested in this,” Braekhus said during the post-fight press conference. “She’s texting me and she’s writing me and if we can get it done, sure it would be a spectacular thing to do. And I think she’s actually a better striker than McGregor. I think that would be a much more competitive fight than Mayweather vs. McGregor, also.”

With Dana White trying to break out into the world of boxing and there being little for Cyborg to do at featherweight (at least until the next season of The Ultimate Fighter is over), a fight with Braekhus could be the best use of her time. What do you think, Maniacs? Think we’ll see Braekhus vs. Cyborg some day?


OMG Conor

She called your striking inferior to Cyborg’s, can’t let that shit slide homie, we got another plane to catch

you seem to the roll homie

Grab a dolley, it's on! <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f60a.png" alt=":blush:" class="emoji">

As to the topic at hand, Cyborg has beat her way through the "roster" of featherweights, or bantamweights willing to bulk up a little, and there’s not much left for her to bash. Thus, since she’s been talking about boxing for so long, I say wish her well and send her on her way. Dana, and the UFC, have pretty much paid for their sins anyhow.

Now, if Nunes really does want Cyborg in the fall, I’d watch that, but outside of that…set her free. Or sign her under a "Zuffa Boxing" contract, whatever. But unless it’s Nunes, I don’t see much of a future now. It’s hard to get excited over the prospect of an Anderson fight.

Peace and Blood.

This sense makes more sense. Unlike mcgregor, at least cyborg is a dominant champ in her own sport…

McGregor's a great "Championship Fighter"...

…but once he’s made it to the top, he loses interest.

Sort of like that girl in high school that kept turning you down…you work tirelessly in your pursuit of her, spending money like crazy on her, doing things you didn’t even know you were capable of, and then after she finally breaks down and sleeps with you, you dump her and move onto the next "hard-to-play" girl! That’s Conor McGregor and Championship fights in a nutshell.

Peace and Blood.

Great fight for Invicta

Its over..

Hey Taits...

Boxing has been dead for years. Why are all of these MMA champions interested in a dead sport.

Strange right?

dead like an old rich fuck in a retirement home, not dead dead.

ofcourse there will be some who will swindle that dude for money.

Good logic...the old fool's on life support, not fertilizing anything yet!

But, boxing is a little like fashion…it’s somewhat cyclical and somewhat dependent upon which "supermodel" shows up on the catwalk.

It could have another life, and probably will, but it just depends on time and who comes along to generate the excitement that will draw folks back in. It’s been resurrected more than a few times over the past century. Younger, popular combat sports like MMA, however, make those comeback periods increasingly hard to pull off!

Peace and Blood.

Cyborg vs. Megan Anderson has my interest. Depending on how/if she beats Holly Holm, that should tell us if she’s ready for Cyborg. I find it interesting if they do fight, exactly how Cyborg will deal with someone longer and taller than she is.

Think she'll find more success than she did against Baars

I wanna think that as well based on the experience levels of Cyborg and Megan. However, hespect to Cyborg for going into Baars’ wheelhouse and playing her game. That was an impressive performance…even tho she did lose the fight. It’s just an interesting fight. Megan is a true 45’er, and is damn near 6’ tall with a hell of a reach.

Keeps me up some nights too.

Lol. I just wanna see Cyborg fight some true 145 pounders. I’m not saying by any means she will have less success against them. She’s a badass. However, fighting 135’ers who just don’t cut the extra 10 pounds has a "sacrificial lamb" feel to me. Like the UFC is just throwing whoever at her that will sign the fight to keep her busy. I wanna see her fight Amanda Nunes. Amanda used to be a 45’er, and has had weight cutting issues in the past. Idk what the hell happened to that fight. Just know it would have been a pleasant addition to the International Fight Week Card.

I have a feeling holly is going to make Megan look like an amateur

I’m hoping not. Megan looks good in training, and has had some time off w "Visa issues"…leading one to believe she should have been training hard for her inevitable UFC debut fight, and the the Cyborg fight. However, it goes. It’s gonna be fun to see Cyborg fight someone larger than her, but Jesus, that woman is just strong and mean.

If they think that this fight is in the same league moneywise with Mayweather vs Conor then they are crazy, Mayweather is probably the best and most popular fighter in the world, Floyd and Conor with thier act and promotion made this fight

I would watch though

No one said that at all

It will definitely make more money than if they fought the next opponent in line in their own sport though. It will also be way more competitive than floyd and conor

yup, this champ either sucks and borg (who isnt even a boxes) has a chance

lol, maybe she does really suck cause borg sure as hell doesnt have better boxing than conor

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thats too bad, but

its ok, words are hard

Fap, fap fap


toal shithouse

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