Frank Mir, Herb Dean mixed up in huge weigh-in rumpus at ACB 87

This is astonishing.

Not because former UFC and current Bellator heavyweight Frank Mir was mixed up in today’s huge weigh-in rumpus, alongside veteran MMA referee Herb Dean, but rather because there were 86 ACB events prior to this one.

Who the hell are these people?

A quick Google search tells me the promotion is Absolute Championship Berkut, and suddenly I remember its that Russian group who aligned with Mir to start promoting fights in the United States.

And Mir will be competing for them this August across the pond, per Jim Edwards, before rejoining the ranks of Bellator MMA.

“I would like to get a fight in with the ACB before that, so I can just get more time in clocked under me so I can get my timing back on for fighting,” Mir said.

Probably a good idea after this.

The combatants involved in today’s dust-up were Robert Whiteford and Kane Mousah, who collide in the ACB featherweight main event tomorrow night (May 19, 2018) inside Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, England.

See what all the fuss is about at the official ACB website by clicking here.


Just a little shove back and forth but Herb was on point.

Frank couldn’t stop grinning . Good time had by all.

Yeah i expected something ridiculous

This wasn’t even half of a rumpus

It wasn't even a rompus!

Or a ruckus or a fracas..

It was a shit wind bobandy

Suit boy was grinning more

Was hoping he caught a left hook to wipe it off. Disappointed to say the least.

ACB might be the 3rd best mma org on the planet

in terms of talent.

Was going to say ACB is super legit

they put on consistently entertaining cards,

but recently the streams i’ve caught aren’t in english. it was a lot better when they had english commentary and it was on fite,tv. but i still watch.

There's some familiar names on that card.......

I did a double-take when I saw Rob Emerson on there….can’t believe that dude is still fighting.

mizugaki, whiteford, winner, mike biggie rhodes, fernando gonzalez

some decent names right there, and a whole lot of good talent we never see here in the states. it’s always nice watching smaller promotions because when some of these guys make it to the ufc, i know them already and it raises my interest in cards that otherwise might seem "meh" due to unkown talent.

Whiteford and Mousah have been absolutely at each other on Twitter for weeks

They fucking despise one another so no surprises. I’m obviously in the Scot’s corner

FW's? those guys look huge for FW and they are at the weigh in.

Anyone know what berkut means?

I tried to look it up. Best I found was a former Ukrainian police force. Is that all it is? Figured there could be more to it.

Golden Eagle. Bird of Prey sort of thing.


Sounds like a weird name choice to me now that I know the meaning, but who am I to judge?

A rather liberal use of the word "huge" in the headline. "Rumpus" was violated as well. We see better "coffee rage" at Starbucks...

Wait till u see what women do in Tim horton’s In vancouver

that's the most action mir has seen in a long time that didn't cause him to drop to the ground in a starry haze.

misleading title

This should not be titled the way it is. It sounded like Herb Dean and Frank Mir were scuffling themselves. I knew this wouldn’t be the case. Learn how to correctly write a title. Frank Mir and Herb Dean had little to do with this, and a shove here and there is expected. Dond’t you see them smiling?

It only stings for a week or two.

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