Conor McGregor invades Cowboys Stadium, shows off his throwing arm

Conor McGregor is getting awful cozy with some of the big dogs of American football. On Saturday McGregor posted a photo with Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan promoting his Proper Twelve Whiskey. Today he’s hit up Cowboys Stadium in Dallas for the Cowboys vs. Jaguars game.

As part of the festivities, McGregor got to meet a bunch of the Cowboys and play a little catch. After seeing his football abilities, we’d like to say maybe stick to combat sports.

Take a look:

McGregor’s presence was felt during the game when Ezekiel Elliot tempted the No Fun League’s wrath with a billionaire strut after a touchdown:

We’ll keep you updated on any further McGregor NFL hijinx as they occur over the night. With the NSAC looking to sanction both McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov for their post-fight brawl at UFC 229, this may be all we get for a little while.


A vampire after his prey

the fuq?

Nothing stopping his money making game

No shit...

…while everybody’s cracking jokes about him looking to be a member of the team, he’s probably busy signing on as a part-owner!

Peace and Blood.

I won't be surprised if he just cut a deal to sale his Proper 12 in the stadium.

That's fantastic!

Now back to the fight he just got sh*t kicked in…. oh that’s right, you don’t wanna chit chat about that. Just the $$ and celebrity stuff now.

Throws like a girl.

Probably drinks like a girl too.

Um, a yeah... NO!

Your boy lost round 3 to a girl?

Haha. You mad backwards cunt.

Fuck, it's the contard again.

Post some pics of your new tattoo " Conor won ‘3’ just for Me!"

Tattoos are for prisoners..

Run your mouth some more tom.

No need to prompt me stinky.

Sorry your tat looks too gay to post but maybe you kissing his tiger wasn’t the best theme.

That was dumb even for you.

Facts don't discriminate. The throw speaks for itself.

Nobody here knows if he can drink or he’s just a drunk. They’re not the same.

Zeke with the McGregor strut

Good stuff, and the Cowboys finally dominated…

He was probably drunk on his whiskey

i mean, come on who the hell throws a football like that? gotta be at least drunk

Not much of a stretch to imagine Conor has never touched a football.

Conor kicks footballs.

Expecting an Irish man to throw a football well? You must be drunk on his whiskey too

Shitty toss

Its not a great throw but dude has probably never thrown a football before. Obviously not a big sport in Ireland. What’s worse is when I see some professional American male athletes "throw" out first pitches at baseball games and look freakishly and awkwardly bad. How do you grow up in america and not learn how to throw? Their motion mimics someone who has never thrown any object, let alone a baseball. Its just like throwing a fucking rock. What kind of sick childhood never includes throwing a rock?? Its just baffles the mind. Sorry if I offend any
weak, Nancy armed maniacs out there, been smoking a lot on this fine Sunday and I’m ranting.

Fuck it, quality rant.

Every time I see the clip of fiddy discovering a baseball I wonder how in the fuck that gangsta ever came up without an arm.

I'd figure being a gangsta

You don’t spend alot of time throwing balls around

Limiting things you can launch with your hands to baseballs makes you more of a wankster.

What did Jamaican punks do for kicks back when?

Say what you want about McGregor

But dude is out there having the time of his life.

What's next, Jon Jones and the Patriots?

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