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Gordon Ryan gets stolen truck back with help of Texas ‘police buddies’

It took just six hours for Gordo and his police posse to track down his stolen Dodge Ram pickup truck and two days to reclaim it from a network of Austin thieves.

The ailing Gordon Ryan got his stolen truck back with a little help from his many friends in law enforcement.

The no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu star shined the social media “Bat signal” earlier this week after his Dodge Ram TRX pickup truck was stolen out of his driveway in Austin, Texas. He offered up a $5,000 bounty to anyone who could help him find his vehicle, but in a new update, it turns out the money wasn’t needed.

“Some more content is coming soon, but here are the facts,” Ryan wrote on Instagram. “Once the Ram was gone, I made a post putting the alert out. I then contacted my police buddies in Hays County, Austin PD, Cedar Park, San Antonio, DPS, and at the federal level. I also had LEO officers from around the country contacting me, asking how they could help. I had the entire entire state of TX looking for this truck.

“Despite disabling the tracker, Rams have a secondary built-in tracker that can’t be disabled that many people don’t know about,” he continued. “Within 6 hours, we had eyes on the truck, and within 2 days, we had it in possession. I can’t give too much info about who they are or what they do yet, but just know your cars aren’t safe in the Austin area. This is a much bigger issue that I thought it was. Be ready and willing to take a life to defend yourself and your property.”

Ryan was happy to discover that the truck was in relatively good condition — there was some damage to the interior and a credit card had been used to buy $30 worth of Whataburger.

That’s pretty small-fry when you consider the overall cost of the vehicle.

“As far as the 5k reward goes, no civilians actually gave me any notable information or tips on re-acquiring it,” he said. “I offered to divvy up the reward to the most involved officers, but they refused and just said they love doing this stuff. I can not thank every department and the amazing individuals involved enough. Everyone was overly nice, very patient, worked around the clock and diligently, and got my truck back.”

“In lieu of my 5k dollar reward, I will be extending my yearly donations to local PD to Cedar Park and DPS as well. This year will total almost 50k dollars in donations between the departments, usually towards helping officers wounded on the job get back on their feet. I am anti-big gov, but I have always supported local LEO officers and military who keep us safe, and they’ve always treated me with respect and came through for me. This time was no different, and I couldn’t thank them enough. If you’re an officer, I have your back.”

And they have his! Add Gordon Ryan to the list of combat sports figures you should not be robbing, because he does not take that business laying down.

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