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Video: Sean Strickland threatens to punch TikTok star Jaykindafunny - ‘I might hit you’

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has had it up to here with social media stars, as the ‘Chupapi munyanyo’ kid just learned.

Sean Strickland was undoubtedly warned about how life changes for an athlete after he or she wins an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title. Fame can be annoying in unexpected ways; for example, “Tarzan” says he can no longer wander around WalMart in the middle of the night without getting pestered.

But, there’s worse things out there than fans with no sense of boundaries. There’s endless varieties of online influencers to deal with as well, and Strickland has had a busy week with them.

Musicians, too.

The latest example of some Internet-famous influencer getting in his face? Viral TikTok star, Jaykindafunny, at Power Slap 6 last week (full results here).

Jay’s claim to fame is getting in people’s personal space and groaning, “Chupapi munyanyo!” What does it mean? Well, according to scholars who study this stupid stuff, it’s either nonsense that doesn’t mean anything or an invitation for oral sex. It certainly sounds dirty the way Jaykindafunny says it, which is part of the joke ... I guess?

I don’t know — I’m too old for this crap. And so is Sean Strickland, 32, who reacted to Jay’s “Chupapi munyanyo” about how you’d expect.

“I don’t know who the f— you are, but in a different setting, I might hit you,” he declared before walking away.

At some point in the near future, one of these social media sensations is going to catch Strickland at the wrong time and really get hurt. It already happened once this week with YouTuber Sneako, who was silly enough to agree to a sparring session with Strickland.

And we all know how those go.

Indeed, Strickland is well known for taking inexperienced fools to Pound Town should they agree to legally tussle with him, and he beat the absolute brakes off of Sneako, ignoring several towels being thrown in by the YouTuber’s team.

That moment led to several other YouTubers (including Jake Paul) crying foul and accusing Strickland of being a bully. We hope for their sake they don’t try to stunt on “Tarzan” now that he’s on their radar.

It’s not looking good.

In addition, Strickland also had a run-in with musician Machine Gun Kelly at the recent Power Slap 6 event. Who knows what that’s about, but it’s getting pretty clear that he’s not cut out to be around celebrities he doesn’t respect — especially ones willing to test him for clout.

Human beings, really.

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