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UFC Vegas 86 results, live streaming play-by-play updates | Pyfer vs. Hermansson

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 86 mixed martial arts (MMA) event TONIGHT (Sat., Feb. 10, 2024), streaming LIVE on ESPN+. UFC Vegas 86 will be topped by the 185-pound showdown pitting long-time middleweight contender, Jack Hermansson, against record-breaking power puncher, Joe Pyfer, a five-round showdown with a spot in the division Top 10 hanging in the balance. Before that headlining clash of styles gets underway, rough-and-tumble featherweight bruiser, Dan Ige, collides with Team Alpha Male mainstay, Andre Fili, in UFC Vegas 86’s co-main event, scheduled for 15 minutes of slam-bang action. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 86 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 4 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 86 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Hermansson vs. Pyfer.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 86 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).

LIVE! Stream UFC Vegas 87 On ESPN+

PIVOTAL FLYWEIGHT FRACAS! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to Arena CDMX in Mexico City, Mexico, on Feb. 24, 2024, with a pivotal Flyweight fracas between former 125-pound kingpin, Brandon Moreno, and most recent title challenger, Brandon Royval, who replaces the red-hot (and injured) Iraqi “Prince,” Amir Albazi. In UFC Mexico City’s ESPN+-streamed co-main event, top-ranked Featherweight contenders, Yair Rodriguez (No. 3) and Brian Ortega (No. 4), will run it back after their initial encounter ended prematurely via gross injury.

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action!


Jack Hermansson vs. Joe Pyfer — Hermansson def. Pyfer by unanimous decision (48-47 x3) — RECAP!
Dan Ige vs. Andre Fili — Ige def. Fili by KO (punches) at 2:43 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Robert Bryczek vs. Ihor Potieria — Potieria def. Bryczek by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Brad Tavares vs. Gregory Rodrigues — Rodrigues def. Tavares by TKO (punches) at 0:55 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS!
Darrius Flowers vs. Michael Johnson — Johnson def. Flowers by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Rodolfo Vieira vs. Armen Petrosyan — Vieira def. Petrosyan by submission (arm triangle choke) at 4:48 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Trevin Giles vs. Carlos Prates — Prates def. Giles by KO (punch) at 4:03 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Bolaji Oki vs. Timothy Cuamba — Oki def. Cuamba by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2))
Loma Lookboonmee vs. Bruna Brasil — Lookboonmee def. Brasil by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Devin Clark vs. Marcin Prachnio — Prachnio def. Clark by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Max Griffin vs. Jeremiah Wells — Griffin def. Wells by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Bogdan Guskov vs. Zac Pauga — Guskov def. Pauga by KO (punches) at 3:38 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Hyder Amil vs. Fernie Garcia — Amil def. Garcia by TKO (punches) at 2:12 of Round Two
Daniel Marcos vs. Aoriqileng — No Contest (low blow) at 3:28 of Round Two


185 lbs.: Jack Hermansson vs. Joe Pyfer

Round 1: Hard low kick from Pyfer, then a left hook that stuns Hermansson. Pyfer stays patient and both jab the body. One minute in. Sharp counter right by Hermansson against the fence. Hermansson tries a Superman punch. Nasty low kick by Pyfer, then a power jab. Two minutes in. Jab exchange. Pyfer clearly the heavier hitter, cracks Hermansson with a long left hook. He takes a low blow but brushes off the ref. 1-2 just misses. Two minutes to go.

Pyfer lands to the body. Long right cross and Hermansson’s buzzed again. Clean liver shot. Hermansson fires oblique kicks in response. Counter uppercut lands for Pyfer with a minute to go. Counter right from Hermansson, who seems to be fighting scared. Sharp jabs land for Pyfer. 10-9 Pyfer.

Round 2: Big swings from Pyfer fall short. 3-2 connects, more stiff jabs. Liver shot. 1-2. Hermansson shoots, denied. One minute in. Calf kick stings Hermansson, who lands one of his own. Hermansson advancing, lands a low kick, checks one in return. Two minutes in. Jab exchange. Pyfer misses a corkscrew uppercut, lands a calf kick, eats one. Stiff body jab and head kick attempt. More good body jabs by Pyfer. Two minutes to go.

Calf kick from Hermansson as they have a friendly chat. Pyfer lands a right cross as he backs to the fence. Another calf kick and body kick by Hermansson. Pyfer elects to take the initiative and pushes forward with heavy punches with a minute to go. Long jab by Hermansson, who absorbs a 1-2. Head kick attempt. 10-9 Pyfer.

Round 3: Hermansson pushing forward behind the jab. Pyfer answers in kind. Body shots land, other power shots don’t. Check hook from Hermansson. Nice calf kick. One minute in. Pyfer switching stance now. Lead right connects, 1-2 falls short. More jabs from Hermansson, then a knee and right cross inside. Pyfer advancing but struggling to land consistently. There’s a low kick from him that Hermansson answers with a 1-2. Another calf kick and Pyfer is really feeling it. Up-jab catches Pyfer in the eye and he backs off, thinking it was a poke. Hermansson trying to open up against the fence, denies a takedown and clubs him with a right hand. Two minutes to go.

Hermansson sniping with the jab against the fence. Another calf kick. Pyfer lands a 1-2, just avoids an uppercut. Knee and right cross by Hermansson. One minute to go. Hermansson lands a calf kick, gets caught on one leg. Pyfer walking him down and trying to throw heat. Nice body shot. Hermansson boots his calf and stings him with the jab in return, then lands a number of nice shots as Pyfer chases a single-leg. 10-9 Hermansson.

Round 4: Two more calf kicks from Hermansson, who shrugs off another takedown. A third, then a fourth as Pyfer tries to wade in with power punches. Jab to calf kick to jab by Hermansson. Pyfer tries a leaping hook, gets his head snapped back by a jab a minute in. 1-2 to the body, jab from Hermansson in return. Jabs from Pyfer. Another calf kick from Hermansson, who fires an uppercut as Pyfer puts him on the fence. Two minutes in. Jab from Pyfer on the exit. Hermansson continuing to circle, cracks him with a 1-2 and calf kick. Leaping hook from Pyfer into the body lock. They separate with two minutes to go.

Calf kick exchange, left hook by Pyfer. Hermansson walks him down with stiff jabs, then a sneaky right cross and calf kick. Continuing to land the jab. One minute to go. Hermansson picking his spots, keeping Pyfer stuck near the fence. 1-2 from Pyfer, who shoots and gets rebuffed. Another calf kick by Hermansson and one more jab. 10-9 Hermansson.

Round 5: They trade punches to start, Pyfer finding the mark with some big swings. Hermansson backs him up and lands another calf kick. Back to the jab. One minute in. Stiff jabs against the fence, calf kick behind them. Sneaky right cross. Pyfer lands a right but there’s nothing on it. Hermansson hits a reactive double-leg in center cage, settling in half guard two minutes in. Shoulder strikes, short punches, elbows. Two minutes to go.

Hermansson staying busy with short strikes without giving Pyfer room to get anything going. Now Pyfer regains guard. One minute to go. Hermansson postures up in the final seconds and tries to blast away. 10-9 Hermansson.

Final result: Hermansson def. Pyfer by unanimous decision — FULL FIGHT RECAP!

145 lbs.: Dan Ige vs. Andre Fili

Round 1: FIli circling, Ige advancing. Fili looking for the check hook as Ige advances. Nice low kick from Ige. Body shot a minute in as Fili pumps the jab. Ige doing good work with the low kicks. Both whiff on heavy shots. Counter combo by Fili, stiff jab two minutes in. Long lull in the action as both look to find the range with their jab, but as Fili tries to step in deep, Ige comes over top of it with a nuke of a right hand. Fili’s gone by the time he hits the ground, but the ref doesn’t intervene until Ige lands one more piston.

Final result: Ige def. Fili by KO (punches) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

185 lbs.: Robert Bryczek vs. Ihor Potieria

Round 1: Inside low kick from Potieria to start. Body kick soon after. Nasty counter right from Bryczek when Potieria steps in. One minute in. Potieria steadily advancing. Bryczek falls short with a right cross, then pokes Potieria in the eye. Potieria takes a bit to recover, then resumes advancing. Solid low kicks. Lead left hand. Overhand right from Bryczek in return and he tries to unload against the fence. Potieria ties up, separates, eats another right hand. Bryczek fires a right to the body Potieria’s guard winds up guiding it directly into his cup. Potieria takes his time to recover and they resume after three minutes. Body shot from Bryczek, low kick from Potieria with two minutes to go.

They trade, elbow from Bryczek. Potieria comes back with a straight left. He shoots, denied. He ducks a right hand and grabs a body lock with a minute to go. Knees to the thigh against the fence. He lets go and unloads at the bell. 10-9 Potieria.

Round 2: Bryczek having issues with Potieria’s length as he eats another low kick. Body shot lands for him. Potieria shoots, denied, tries an uppercut. Spinning backfist just misses. Quick left hand. Bryczek lands another right downstairs. Potieria low kick, Bryczek body shot. Both attack the body. Two minutes in. Potieria shoots again, denied again, tries the uppercut again. Bryczek falling short with most of his offerings and Potieria not putting much juice behind his. Potieria shoots, denied again. Bryczek whiffs an overhand right, eats a spinning back kick with two minutes to go.

Solid left hand by Potieria. Bryczek low kick. Potieria tries some sort of wacky spinning foot sweep that misses by a mile. They trade, neither connects. One minute to go. Low kick exchange, lead right by Bryczek. Bryczek winging right hands from too far out as Potieria flicks out arm punches. Fake shot to uppercut by Potieria. Combos from Potieria. 10-9 Potieria.

Round 3: Potieria continuing to just potshot with arm punches as a lethargic Bryczek refuses to try and get inside. Heavy straight left by Potieria. Suddenly, Bryczek cracks Potieria with a left hook and tries to press the advantage, only to take his foot off the gas a minute in. Potieria takes full advantage, brutalizing him with a combination and sprawling on his panicked shot. Bryczyk makes it back to his feet and blasts Potieria with an overhand right as he swings wild. Potieria continuing to fire away against the fence, ties up two minutes in. Hard elbow on the break. Straight right from Bryczek, swinging heat. Potieria cracks him with a looping left and ties up with two minutes to go.

Huge elbow by Potieria, then back to the clinch after a flurry. Bryczek reverses. They separate with just over a minute to go. More lefts from Potieria, who can’t find the single-leg. Potieria potshotting, clinches again, gets the body lock. They slug it out on the break until Potieria clinches again. 10-9 Potieria.

Final result: Potieria def. Bryczek by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Brad Tavares vs. Gregory Rodrigues

Round 1: Solid low kick from Tavares. Rodriguez looks for a 1-2, eats a counter right. Rodrigues trying to hunt him down on the fence but gets rattled by a counter right. Heavy exchange near the fence. One minute in. Rodrigues continuing to stalk and look for jabs. Low kicks from Tavares. 1-2. Rodrigues cracks him with a right hand in return, then a thudding body shot. Tavares comes back with a 1-2. Two minutes in. Rodrigues shoots, denied. Knees to the thigh from Tavares, who turns and separates. Sharp right cross. Rodrigues backs him to the fence and lands a right to the body. Two minutes to go.

Rodrigues throwing some heaters but Tavares blocking most of them. Rodrigues shoots, can’t find it but cracks Tavares with a right hand and knee as he hunts him down. Nice whizzer kick into the front headlock. One minute to go. Tavares holding onto a leg. Knees to the body from Rodrigues. Tavares tries to sit through, eats more knees to the body. 10-9 Rodrigues.

Round 2: Low kicks from Tavares and they get back to trading hands. Heavy low kick by Rodrigues, then a level change into a body lock. Looking for the back. Tavares breaks his grip and turns to face him a minute in. Nice knee to the body from Rodrigues. Tavares pushes him away and falls short with a head kick. Front kick to low kick by Rodrigues, stiff jab. Tavares lands a 1-2 on the advance. Two minutes in. Body kick. Both landing straight punches. Heavy calf kick by Rodrigues. Tavares landing more jabs, Rodrigues the heavier ones. Another calf kick with two minutes to go.

Rodrigues shoots, denied, misses with a 1-2. Counter right lands for him. Front kick to the body, head kick attempt, clean calf kick. Jab exchange. One minute to go. Rodrigues times Tavares’ ow kick and takes him down, quickly moving to half guard. Tavares keeping two-on-one wrist control to keep Rodrigues from punching. 10-9 Rodrigues.

Round 3: Another calf kick by Rodrigues. Tavares advancing and it’s back to trading jabs and crosses. Rodrigues calf kick, then a lengthy exposition of punches that has Tavares retreating for dear life. Rodrigues unloading with murderous punches, and after holding Tavares in place to slam home a series heavy right hands, the ref steps in for a standing TKO

Final result: Rodrigues def. Tavares by TKO (punches) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

155 lbs.: Darrius Flowers vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1: Side kick from Flowers to start. Johnson firing the jab, takes a foot to the cup but tells the ref he doesn’t need time to recover. Nice left to the body. Flowers shoots, denied. Flowers fires the side kick again and they trade leg kicks. One minute in. Body jab by Johnson. Flowers whiffs high with an overhand right. Johnson falls short with some straight shots. Two minutes in. It’s Johnson’s jab and cross beating Flower’s lead-leg kicks so far. Nice body shots from Johnson, who feints a single-leg. Snap kick and body shot by Flowers. Side kicks, low kick with two minutes to go.

Johnson misses with a counter combo, follows up with a pair of lefts and low kicks. Body shot yet again. Body kick from Flowers in return. More body work by Johnson. One minute to go. 1-2 falls short. Left hand to the body, low kick, counter left upstairs. Johnson takes him down with a double-leg in the last 10 seconds. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: They trade in the center to start the round. Johnson digs yet another straight left to the body. 1-2s, body shot. Flowers reluctant to throw at all as Johnson continues to punishes his midsection over and over. Stiff jab jacks Flowers’ jaw a minute in. Flowers denies a level change. 1-1-2 from Johnson. More body shots from Johnson. Flowers finally wakes up with an uppercut after stopping a takedown. Two minutes in. Flowers makes a nice level change under a left hand, denied. Johnson eats another low blow and the ref restarts them at range. Easy takedown puts him on top in guard. Two minutes to go.

Johnson chilling on top, landing the occasional punch. Nice elbow with a minute to go. Flowers kicks him off and stands, then eats a 1-2. Johnson quickly takes him back down into half guard, looking for an arm triangle. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 3: Front kicks from Flowers, then a decent straight right to the forehead. Johnson pushes forward and appears to drop him with a headbutt, then follows him down into side control. Brief attempt at a north-south-choke, then back to half guard. One minute in. Johnson staying heavy on top, trying to isolate the far arm. Flowers regains guard two minutes in, then gives up half guard again. Diving elbow by Johnson. Flowers tries to scramble and Johnson takes side control, then north-south with two minutes to go.

Back to side control. Flowers regains guard and nearly locks up a triangle, but Johnson postures free and moves to half guard. One minute to go. Flowers kicks him off and stands, just missing with a flying knee. Johnson shoots back in, eating punches as he does, and Flowers tries to jump on an armbar. Johnson escapes before the bell. 10-9 Johnson.

Final result: Johnson def. Flowers by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Rodolfo Vieira vs. Armen Petrosyan

Round 1: Petrosyan on the front foot to start. Stiff jabs from Vieira. Kicks from Petrosyan to the leg and body. One minute in. Solid low kicks piling up for Petrosyan, Vieira landing some of his own. Vieira double jab, Petrosyan body and low kicks. Well-timed reactive shot puts Vieira on top. Petrosyan makes it to his feet, gets dumped back down. Looking for the back at the base of the fence, one hook in. Petrosyan makes it up once again and Vieira considers hauling him across the cage before just slamming him at the base of the fence with two minutes to go.

Vieira on top in half guard. Heavy shoulder pressure. Slick move to mount with a minute to work. Petrosyan gives up the back and Vieira goes to work with punches before retaking mount. He cinches up the arm triangle and that’s all she wrote.

Final result: Vieira def. Petrosyan by submission (arm-triangle choke) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

170 lbs.: Trevin Giles vs. Carlos Prates

Round 1: Inside low kicks from Giles to start. Prates feinting a lot with the lead leg. One minute in. Sharp body kick lands for him. Neither man committing to meaningful strikes thus far. Prates tries a head kick, eats a 1-2. Two minutes in. Teeps from Prates. Head kick blocked. Giles pops him with a jab. Giles falls short with a combo with two minutes to go.

Giles tries a counter flurry. Hard straight left from Prates, his first meaningful punch of the fight. Giles backs him up with a flurry. Prates tries a straight left and intercepting knee. One minute to go. They stare for a while, then Prates tries a head kick. Giles jab, Prates knee. 10-9 Giles.

Round 2: Body kick lands for Prates. Teep attempts. Inside low kick and swatting hook from Giles in response. 1-2-3 knocks Prates back. Prates comes back with a body kick and knee, then denies a takedown. One minute in. Snap kick from Prates, 1-2-3 from Giles. Giles tries some slapping right hands and eats a knee, then a body kick. Prates tries to go high. Giles ducks a left hand and puts him on the fence. Something’s up with Prates’ right eye but he’s still defending the takedown. Two minutes to go.

Giles lands punches on the break. Heavy knee by Prates and Giles puts him on the fence again. Giles lands a solid right hand on the exit, then goes to work with flurries. 1-2 from Prates, then a missile of a straight left that instantly turns out Giles’ lights.

Final result: Prates def. Giles by KO (punch) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

155 lbs.: Bolaji Oki vs. Timothy Cuamba

Round 1: Oki stalking early. 1-2 just misses, as does Cuamba’s. Oki blocks a head kick and comes back with a low kick. One minute in. Right cross from Oki around the guard and he avoids a combo. Cuamba straight right as he eats a low kick. 1-2 just misses and they trade low kicks. Hard 1-2 by Oki, then a left hook Cuamba answers with a straight right two minutes in. Oki keeping the jab in his face, eat sa counter right. More jabs, then a heavy counter right. Two minutes to go.

Lead right by Oki. Oki advancing and feinting. Cuamba whiffs on a combo, eats more jabs. One minute to go. Trading jabs, right cross from Cuamba. More jabs piling up for Oki, who catches a head kick and jumps on Cuamba, landing hard shots in the final seconds. 10-9 Oki.

Round 2: Oki continues to steadily push forward. 1-1-2. Liver shot falls short. Cuamba lands a sharp right cross a minute in. Inside low kick. Double jab from Oki, then a 1-1-2. Cuamba shoots and takes him to the fence. Two minutes in. Cuamba still holding onto the single-leg as Oki defends. Oki counters with an attempted back take, slipping in a hook. Two minutes to go.

Cuamba denies Oki’s other hook but still can’t establish on top. Finally he puts Oki on his seat. He looks for Oki’s back, settles for half guard. One minute to go. Solid elbow from Cuamba, who grabs a front headlock. Oki makes it to his feet and absorbs a series of elbows in the final seconds. 10-9 Cuamba.

Round 3: Low kick from Cuamba as he retreats. Stiff jab. Counter hook by Oki, then a jab a minute in. They trade right hands. Oki stalking, eats a 1-2. Cuamba ducks a right hand and ties up, but gets reversed. Knee from Oki before separating. Two minutes in. Jabs from Oki. Liver shot falls short, 1-2 from Cuamba. Two minutes to go.

Oki continuing to pop him with jabs as he advances. 3-2 from Cuamba. 1-2 from Oki, more jabs. Suamba shoots, gets sprawled on. Left hook from Oki in combination with a minute to go. Cuamba answers an uppercut with a right cross. Oki continuing to advance and land jabs, then cracks him with a right cross when Cuamba tries to fire back. Check hook by Cuamba. Oki steps in with a knee, gets clinched. They trade knees and Oki lands a Superman punch on the break. 10-9 Oki.

Final result: Oki def. Cuamba by split decision

115 lbs.: Loma Lookboonmee vs. Bruna Brasil

Round 1: Solid low kick from Brasil. Lookboonmee falls short with kicks of her own. One minute in. Lookboonmee tries a head kick, lands a left hook. Brasil controlling the range so far. Two minute in. Heavy low kick by Lookboonmee trips Brasil up for a moment, prompting a spinning back kick in return. Head kick attempt. Brasil not throwing much in return. Lookboonmee catches a kick and ties up against the fence. Solid elbow with two minutes to go.

Brasil threatens a hip toss and reverses. She lands a body shot and avoids a head kick on the break. Body kick by Lookboonmee. Low kick when Brasil tries to throw. Brasil comes back with a 1-2 with a minute to go. Lookboonmee low kick, then a body kick. She’s figured out that Brasil backs straight up. Brasil tries a spinning back fist and ties up against the fence. Low kick from Lookboonmee, who wraps up a body lock and takes her down at the bell. 10-9 Lookboonmee.

Round 2: Teep from Lookboonmee to start. Low kick to answer a jab. Body jab to low kick. Brasil just isn’t throwing enough. One minute in. Body kick exchange. Superman punch lands for Lookboonmee after a lull. Solid body kick. Jab exchange soon after. They trade low kicks two minutes in. Brasil whiffs on a wheel kick, backs out of range of a three-piece. They exchange near the fence with two minutes to go.

Lunging left hook from Lookboonmee, then a low kick as Brasil starts to pressure. 1-2-3 from Lookboonmee. Brasil struggling to land as she presses forward. One minute to go. They trade and Brasil ties up, landing a knee downstairs before putting her on the fence. Elbows by Lookboonmee on the exit. Brasil whiffs a wheel kick and lands a right hand. Superman punch by Lookboonmee and she avoids one in return. 10-9 Lookboonmee.

Round 3: Solid counter right by Brasil after catching a body kick. Lookboonmee goes back to the well and they trade leg kicks. Superman punch from Brasil. Glancing head kick a minute in. Low kick from Lookboonmee. Lookboonmee catches a kick and eats a glancing backfist as Brasil pulls it free. Brasil doing better this round, landing decent shots and blocking shots in return. Two minutes in. Brasil hauls her to the fence. She attempts some form of throw and Lookboonmee grabs the body lock. Two minutes to go.

Jockeying for position against the fence. They break with a minute to go and Lookboonmee lands a body kick. Both keeping their distance. Brasil wades into the clinch and trips her to the mat at the base of the fence. Left hands on the way up, then some knees. 10-9 Brasil.

Final result: Lookboonmee def. Brasil by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Devin Clark vs. Marcin Prachnio

Round 1: Prachnio switching stance as he advances, eats an awkward right from Clark. Inside low kick by Clark. One minute in. Left hook lands for Prachnio, then another on the counter. Head kick lands with the foot. Low kick. Clark doing a low of moving and not a lot of throwing. He shoots, strong underhook by Prachnio to defend. Two minutes in. They trade left hooks near the fence. Stiff jab by Clark. Hard calf kick by Prachnio, then another behind it. Clark punches into the clinch, Prachnio exits with two minutes to go.

Solid body kick from Prachnio. Knee lands for him after avoiding a 1-2, then another body kick. One minute to go. Prachnio low kick, Clark left hook. Another thudding low kick and body kick by Prachnio, who walks into a jab. Body kick by Clark. 10-9 Prachnio.

Round 2: They trade to start and Clark looks for a head kick. Left hook from Prachnio as he angles off, then a body shot. Left high kick from Clark, calf kick by Prachnio. Awkward exchange in the center. Another head kick to low kick sequence. Clark shoots, denied. Prachnio swats him with a looping hook and attacks, eating a head kick before tying up on the fence. They soon separate. Two minutes in. Flurry from Prachnio. Left hook to low kick. They trade in the center. Lead right lands for Clark, then some jabs with two minutes to go.

Nice calf kicks from Prachnio. Overhand right. Clark tries a combo. Prachnio calf kick, Clark long right. One minute to go. Wheel kick from Prachnio blocked. Clark slips throwing a 3-2 and they trade against the fence. Knees from Prachnio in the clinch. Low kick to head kick. Clark whiffs on a head kick, then stumbles Prachnio with a spinning backfist at the bell. 10-9 Prachnio.

Round 3: Another calf kick stumbles Clark. Prachnio knocks him over with a head kick and knees the body. Intercepting knee from Clark. Prachnio tries a wheel kick a minute in. Body kick from Clark, lunging left by Prachnio. Hard 1-2 from Clark and another right behind it. Another right hand inside. Left hook. Prachnio backs him off with a body kick, then takes him down. Clark quickly scrambles up. 1-2 from Clark. Wheel kick by Prachnio. Clark tries a 1-2 and eats knees against the fence. They separate with two minutes to go.

Hard lead right by Prachnio, then a left hook and low kick. Head kick and right hand from Clark, who gets stumbled by a counter. They both look exhausted with a minute to go. Body kick from Clark and they trade hands. 2-3 by Prachnio. He walks into a counter elbow and Clark tries to attack against the fence. They trade punches in the clinch and Prachnio ties up, hauling him to the fence. Clark considers a last-second guillotine and lands a right hand on the break. 10-9 Clark.

Final result: Prachnio def. Clark by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Max Griffin vs. Jeremiah Wells

Round 1: Wells considers a spinning...something to start. 1-2 falls short as he circles. He whiffs on a spinning back kick, then knocks Griffin off-balance with an awkward backfist. Stiff jab. One minute in. Lots of staring as they circle each other. Counter right by Griffin, then a stiff jab. Jab from Wells in return soon after. Two minutes in. Griffin tries a combo in the center, then stings Wells with a 3-2. Two minutes to go.

Neither man willing to step in and commit to a meaningful strike. There’s a nice jab by Wells, who slugs his way inside and takes Griffin down near the fence. Griffin pops right back up and Wells drives back in. One minute to go. They separate and Wells wings some ugly punches that land decently well. Griffin backs him off with counters, then pops him with a straight right. Wells throws himself off-balance with an ugly right hand and Griffin takes him down into half guard. 10-9 Wells?

Round 2: Back to the long-distance feint-fest. One minute in. There’s the first big exchange and a left hook stings Griffin, who lands a decent right as he retreats but gets tied up against the fence. Two minutes in. Griffin reverses, avoiding a ninja choke as he does. Jockeying for position. Elbow from Griffin on the break. Two minutes to go.

Solid body kick from Wells. Awkward spinning back kick. Both swat each other with hard right hands in the center. One minute to go. Side kick from Wells. Heavy counter right by Griffin and he tries to attack, only to eat a right hand and get hauled to the fence. 10-9 Wells.

Round 3: Wells tries another awkward spinning back kick. Combo from Griffin. One minute in. Counter left hook catches Griffin on one leg. Counter right from Griffin after a good 30 seconds of feints. He avoids an ugly swing and comes back with a combo two minutes in. Jab by Wells, who literally jumps into a counter right and backs off. Cross counter by Griffin. Two minutes to go.

Wells barely throwing this round and Griffin is countering most of what he does. They swing big, neither connects. Griffin shoots after avoiding a wheel kick and takes him to the fence. One minute to go. Griffin grinding, looking to lock his hands. 10-9 Griffin.

Final result: Grififn def. Wells by split decision

205 lbs.: Bogdan Guskov vs. Zac Pauga

Round 1: Pauga committing to low kicks in the early going. Jab catches Guskov coming in. Low kick and counter right by Pauga. One minute in. 2-3 from Guskov visibly hurts Pauga, who hauls him to the fence in response. Knees from Pauga against the side of the cage. Two minutes in. Nice elbow on the break. Pauga on the advance. Heavy low kick, then a sharp right cross as Guskov tries to open up. Two minutes to go.

Pauga continuing to tattoo the lead leg, but as he seems fully in control. Guskov tags him with the same 2-3 and there’s no coming back from this one. Guskov clobbers a crumbling Pauga until he hits the deck unconscious and the ref intervenes.

Final result: Guskov def. Pauga by KO (punches) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

145 lbs.: Hyder Amil vs. Fernie Garcia

Round 1: They get right to trading, clonking heads in the process. Nice low kick from Amil as he pressures, then he shoots after eating a jab. He slams Garcia to the mat and looks for the back, but can’t keep him down. Low kick to body kick a minute in. Another low kick; Garcia’s already feeling them. Counter right hook. Garcia comes back with a 2-3 of his own, eats a straight left soon after. Head kick to 1-2 floors Garcia and Amol swarms, blasting him with punches and knees on the way up. Three huge knees land on the break, only for Garcia to hurt him with a left hook in return. Amil immediately retakes the initiative and bombs away, hammering Garcia to the mat once and then twice. He switches from punches to chasing the RNC, trapping Garcia’s left arm. Two minutes to go.

Nice sweep from Garcia puts him on top in guard. Amil tries to scramble free and gives up his back in the process. Full body triangle for Garcia, hunting the choke. One minute to go. Now it’s Amil sweeping into top position and taking Garcia’s back. A sloppy armbar attempt gives Garcia room to spin to his knees, where Amil swats away with more punches. Amil disengages, then blasts Garcia with a soccer kick to the body before re-engaging. He caps off the round with a knee to the body. 10-8 Amil.

Round 2: Jab exchange to start, then it’s back to the power punches. Garcia still looks like damaged goods. Both swinging ugly punches to mixed effect. Straight left stings Garcia a minute in as they slug it out. Garcia just winging arm punches as Amil attacks his body. Heavy uppercut by Amil. Jabs, then a body kick and straight left. Another body kick. Garcia’s swinging for his life but there’s nothing on them. Amil commits to a heavy flurry against the fence and in comes the ref.

Final result: Amil def. Garcia by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Daniel Marcos vs. Aoriqileng

Round 1: 1-1-2 lands for Marcos, who follows with a front kick downstairs and a low kick behind it. Body kick connects and Aoriqileng answers with a right cross. 1-1-2-knee lands for Marcos a minute in, then a pair of body shots behind it. Aoriqileng eating most of what comes his way but surviving so far. Decent right cross lands for him, jump knee falls short and he takes Marcos to the fence. They separate two minutes in. Aoriqileng’s nose is leaking something fierce. Lead right from Marcos, low kick exchange. Marcos doing a good job of staying out of reach of Aoriqileng’s flurries while landing his own. Falling knee misses, calf kick does not. Two minutes to go.

Low kick to 1-2 from Aoriqileng, his best work in a while. Marcos swats him with a back fist off a missed overhand, then a clean right cross and low kick. Aoriqileng pressuring. One minute to go. Marcos low kick, Aoriqileng 1-2. Brief clinch. Front kick from Aoriqileng, who eats a hard calf kick in return. Uppercut to cross by Marcos off a fake low kick and he avoids Aoriqileng’s rush. Aoriqileng ends the round with a body kick. 10-9 Marcos.

Round 2: Marcos cracks Aoriqileng with an elbow in the clinch before hauling him to the fence. Aoriqileng turns and separates, but gets dropped by a calf kick and hammered with punches as he scrambles to his feet. He manages to tie up, then breaks a minute in. Trading heat, whiffed back elbow by Marcos. Triple jab to calf kick. Left hook by Aoriqileng but he’s getting chewed up. Continuing to trade in the center, Marcos controlling things with his jab. Two minutes in. Overhand right to calf kick. Nasty liver shot. 1-1-2 from Aoriqileng, then a body shot and eye poke. Marcos brushes off the ref and they get back to the mid-range action, at least until Marcos punts Aoriqileng in the cup. Aoriqileng lands a 1-2, then punts Marcos in the cup with two minutes to go.

Both kick each other in the nuts again inside of 20 seconds and the ref informs them that points will come off for any subsequent shots, accidental or no. Aoriqileng got the worst of it and he’s still down after three minutes. He finally manages to straighten up at 5:00, but immediately folds forward again and they wave it off. That’ll be a No Contest.

Final result: No Contest (low blow)

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