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Video! 260-pound Bradley Martyn struggles to grapple Joe Rogan’s 155-pound comedian sidekick

If there was any doubt that former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson would wipe the floor with meathead bodybuilder Bradley Martyn those reservations have officially been put to rest. That’s because of the above video footage of Martyn struggling to grapple Joe Rogan’s comedian sidekick, Bryan Callen.

Martyn, who is a 260-pound bodybuilder who is now creating buzz as a podcast host, made waves last month when he suggested he’d beat up a professional flyweight fighter in a street fight. According to Martyn, he would be able to “lay on top of them” by using his size and strength. Of course, his remarks didn’t sit well with professional mixed martial artists and any half-minded fight fans that saw his comments.

In stepped Johnson, who is the best flyweight fighter to ever compete in MMA. “Mighty Mouse” accepted Martyn’s challenge and was all-in for a potential grappling match.

“It’s funny, you know,” Johnson said on Henry Cejudo’s YouTube channel. “He’s 265 pounds, he’s a bodybuilder, so obviously he has got the weight advantage. But at the end of the day, that’s the beautiful thing about grappling. It’s not about weight, it’s about technique, and we’re going to try to grapple.

“I told Brendan Schaub that I want to make it happen,” he continued. “I’m busy doing other things right now, but when I get back from all my vacation I’m going to fly down to Calabasas and we’re gonna roll, man. I’m gonna roll him up.”

Nothing ever materialized and good for Martyn that it didn’t. That’s because the heavyweight bodybuilder just rolled with a 155-pound Callen — who is also 56 years of age — and struggled to control him. Image how terrible he’d look against a professional flyweight, especially someone like Johnson?

Check out Martyn rolling with Callen in the above video player and let us know what you think his odds are now against any professional fighter.

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